One Relationship for Two.

Today I realised

How much I know about her

And just how little I know about her

What she shares about herself

And just what she never lets out

Twenty one years on

And today it hits me

How much I have tried to know her

And just how little she has ever revealed

How much she hides herself away

Today I realised

A relationship is about growing together

Giving into and taking hold of each other intimately

Not just holding hands and talking

But losing yourselves in each other

Just the way that hasn’t happened

Twenty one years on


[ those of you with long-term relationship experience, what are your thoughts on the depth of a relationship? ]

2 thoughts on “One Relationship for Two.

  1. That’s a can of worms!

    We’ve been together ten years, which, when I say it, sounds like a long time but it doesn’t feel that way. I think the problem with long term relationships is that boredom sets in. Surely after ten years you know the other person well, so what do you talk about after that? That’s why I think it’s important to have different hobbies and to go out and do your own thing so their can be a dialogue about that.

    In our relationship I like to think I hold back from Mr Thomas as am never willing to give myself over completely to someone. Yet he always says he knows me better than I think he does so maybe I’m not doing a very good job at being aloof.

    A very interesting topic.


    • I hope you are not trying too hard to be aloof! 😀
      I do agree that we generally know our partners far better than they realise. Thanks for your thoughts, there is so much more to discuss…


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