Journey. 3

And then I’m reminded “you are love, you are all that you need”. And as I contemplate these words, gentle answers come:

Maybe you don’t have the words for yourself today. But you have trust. You have hope. You have love. All these are already inside you, they ARE you. Be content in the knowledge that what you need is already available to you.

And with these words, I see that I have the answers. They just weren’t the answers I was expecting.

(20 July 2016)

Journey. 2

Just a reminder
in case you have forgotten…
You are brave.
You are loved.
You are valued.
You are enough.
You are worthy.
You are seen…
& you have Never been forgotten.
This world can be ugly.
This life can be hard.
But always and forever…
there is Hope.
& you are never alone.
Keep holding on.

(19 July 2016)
Words from @oncomingalive

Leading The Way.

Choosing a positive approach to the day
Makes a difference, even now, Half an hour away
As words of encouragement, and courage
Fly in from the other side of the earth
While, the frightened cry inside is heard again
Ashamed of yesterday’s failures and pain
Tipping the balance from one side to other
Refocus and push on, lest emotions take over
Again. Some days I have this control at heart
Some days seem doomed from the start
Little choices direct each moment along
Today I focus and pretend to be strong

Silent War.

I speak for the silent
Those beaten into submission
Given up on life
Or never knew it

I resided in those places
For real time and in my mind
Pain still fresh
Though scars healed over

Some hurts never leave
Asking why? Just get over it!
That is not the way
Complexity binds and blurs

I’m here to say
Kindness is harder than you realise
Patience must never end
True love reveals in time

I stepped forward
When others froze in fear
Or cowered back
Bravery overcame ignorance

No armour, shield, nor sword
Truth my only protection
Some battles lost
But keep me fighting

(18 March 2016)

Silver Linings – Day 25.


This afternoon I attended a booster class for the mindfulness course that I completed earlier this year. A great chance to connect with three other of the course attendees I knew and about twenty others who had previously completed the course in recent years.

It was a great reminder of the mindfulness practices that I have struggled to keep a regular habit. But even better was gaining a clearer understanding of setting my intention for what I want to achieve and letting that guide me to the how.


This morning started with a small boost of mindfulness, when a friend messaged me their intention for the day. This gave me the motivation to overcome my exhaustion and set my own goal to get the day started.

So today I am grateful for mindfulness teachers and their commitment to helping others, and for friends who’s smallest communications with me can make a world of difference.

How do you manage with being wholly in the present moment?

Silver Linings – Day 6.


Woke up this morning to an email from my friend Abbie. Part of it was reminding me of our conversation the night before, and how I was going to care for myself today.

That consideration and guidance stuck with me all through the day, even though surviving was a great struggle.

This is what silver linings are all about. Those little sparkles of hope that get you through despite everything crazy going on inside your head.

Support. Assistance. Words of guidance. Words of encouragement. We all need these at times.

When you need it, ask for help. If you are unsure, ask for help. Real friends will be there. And sometimes it doesn’t even matter if they are half a day away in a different timezone on the other side of this rock we call earth.

I need my friends to survive. How about you?

Locus Focus.

I need to bring my focus to myself. Here and now.
Mindfulness and presence in the present.
I’ve been focussing on others too much.
Subtly overthinking and worrying about what they think of me.
What matters most is what I think of me.
Give myself permission to do or try whatever I want.
Encourage myself and be my own best supporter.


Growing Pains.

When feeling overwhelmed
I need to remind myself
That I am not a failure
nor falling apart,

That I am surviving
and growing
Even through the hurt.

I am learning about myself
and revealing
my hidden innerness

Discovering that which
was buried
under layers
of world misinterpretation

For this realisation
I thank my close friends
real friends
with their own pain and suffering
but always the most genuine love in their hearts.


[dedicated with thanks to my dear friend Lisa, for today’s deep discussion and encouragemt]


Thankyou for pointing out
what I fail to see
So often I am blinded
by innate negativity
Looking at myself
and what I manage to do
My brain chooses the missing
and the unsuccessful view
Though with your input
and the kindness of friends
I catch glimpses of achievement
through the positive lens
So while my words have reached you
with a quiet message to remind
This sharing is most important
to maintain my balanced mind


[ written after receiving encouraging words from imperfectionperfectionist ]