Time Travel (Snail Mail).

I am writing you this letter
on paper and with pen
To send a little update,
and say hello again
Tomorrow I am painting,
but for you it will be
Something finished days ago
in the past you see
And still
Here, right now, it’s yet to come
something amazing’s happening
These words are journeying
Forwards then back in time
Thinking about it blows my mind
For my thoughts are these words
And if words can be my thoughts
There both tomorrow and yesterday
Is time travel just a matter of say
a focus of the mind?


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 28 – Time Difference ]


Changi Airport Pause.

The rain comes lightly
a barely discernible mist
drifting down
without a sound.
Then I hear them
larger drops
hitting water
tickling the pool surface.
I dive in
cool, refreshing
relief from the humidity
stretching travel-weary muscles.
A flash of white
A pause
overhead crash of thunder
Tropical evening
and the rain has stopped.



I acknowledge my lowness
I accept that there are times
when a single positive thought cannot be found
And I endeavour
To pull myself through
to step forwards
in any direction
to move myself from this space
and find something within me
that I can hold onto

I thought giving myself space
to think and feel
would bring a clarity
and positivity to my life
Instead it has brought a flood
of emotional realisations
that hurt more
because they are new and unfamiliar

I cried on the London Underground
Bakerloo line
Closed my eyes and looked inward
to really delve into what I was feeling
Eyelids wet,
a single tear rolled down my left cheek
Still I held myself close
and just experienced it
as fully as I could.
And I discovered,
the pain wasn’t as bad
as I had imagined
On this cold, cold day
Feeling the slightest warmth
of love
from caring about myself

A Traveller’s Experience.

Today we drove a lot
To see the sights
And they were worth seeing!
So many landscape changes
Light changes
A great lunch experience
At an isolated Inn
Cars, campers, bicyclists, motorbikes
And on the way home
We paused at Lochcarron
Ready to leave
And I remembered
To pause
To sit on the grass edge
look down over the rocks to the water
and listen
admire the flowers
just to see the world around me
To breathe
eat some nuts
and watch my sister at the water’s edge
Life is – these moments!
Not driving past scenery
no matter how often you stop to take photos
Moments of life
that are special because
you chose to experience them fully


Friendship Questioning.

What is it
about you
that I don’t deserve?
Or what is it
about me
that feels undeserving
of you?
There is
something dividing us
the sense of
a missing connection.
I have always
wanted this friendship
and never fully understood
what you wanted
from this us.
Unmatched expectations
Unbalanced desires
Uneven communication,
These create fragility
leading to breakdown
and hurt
But how do you mourn
the loss
of an ethereal relationship?


[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 24 – Fragile Friendships ]


With autumn comes the changes
in the colour of the trees
As they glow with inner fire
before leaping on the breeze
Then a symphony of sounds
in dry rattle, crunchy squeeze
Until fading life escapes them
back to earth return the leaves.

Our relationship was like them
once fresh, young, the moment seize
With time, a strength and steadiness
for both comfort and to please
Now a final burst of colour
springing forth despite unease
But from all the pain and heartache
my soul shrivels up and leaves.

[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 23 – One Word Title ]

Isle of Skye.

Shabby sheep trim the grass-lands
And soaring sea-birds float
Below the misty mountain-tops
looming over green tussocked valleys
bisected by icy white streams
scattered trickling waterfalls
and rolling roads.
Pass with care
Stop and listen for the cuckoos
And mind that chill wind on the ears

[ one of today’s many picturesque moments, although the knuckles and ears tingle and ache from the chill wind while photographing ]

Tate Modern.

In each room there was darkness
Yet the first room was bright
Two rooms represented buildings
While one told of night
Three views by Three artists
Each different than before
Same emotional reaction
Heart skips, eyes tear, skin tingles
mind spinning above the floor.

[ Visual arts rarely grab or move me this strongly so today was quite a surprise. Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin “Poetry and Dream” 1980-1990 was the first to enthral me (sampled here). Mark Rothko “Transformed Visions” 1969 was the second. The even more unexpected third was Alex Katz “Full Moon” 1988. ]


I don’t want the high point
The view over everything
separates us all
I want to dig down
Street level is where it all happens
for real
Smell, taste, touch
with the rest of humanity
While up there
you could be anywhere
and nowhere

[ the view from up there, my photo from lunch at level 32 of The Shard, disconnected from the world ]

[ the view from down here, detail from “Glass Tower” by Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin ]

A Life in Rhyme.

I wanted to die
but wasn’t sure why
All that I knew
my patience was through
Run down by the pain
running away again
No energy left
Feeling bereft
No support or love
just push and shove
Thought about how
later or now
So many ways
to end your days

Some hope, a spark
always in the dark
From deep inside
I could not hide
Enough to lift
myself and shift
I choose this way
to another day
A struggle still
battling your will
A balance of force
helps sometimes of course


[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 19 – Rhyme and Reason ]