Leading The Way.

Choosing a positive approach to the day
Makes a difference, even now, Half an hour away
As words of encouragement, and courage
Fly in from the other side of the earth
While, the frightened cry inside is heard again
Ashamed of yesterday’s failures and pain
Tipping the balance from one side to other
Refocus and push on, lest emotions take over
Again. Some days I have this control at heart
Some days seem doomed from the start
Little choices direct each moment along
Today I focus and pretend to be strong

Communication Fixation.

I don’t cry tears down my face
That’s not my place

My emotions well up in words
Until I am heard

I’m not writing for play
Nor public display

Everything I feel is distilled
My needs fulfilled

Refined and placed in order
No clear border

This is total communication
Of my situation

This is the only way to express
My head’s a mess

Searching for a confirmation
This mental fixation

I need all this acknowledged
In some way solid

Needing comfort and support
That I was never taught

It’s my own cry for assistance
Shorten the distance

Between us, keep me close by
Until I can cry.

Where Is Life?

When I’m left alone with thoughts defective
When the medication seems ineffective
When I’m unable to describe the anguish I feel
When you can’t see a symptom to make it real
When I give up on living and fight to stay
When neither of us knows what to say
When I can’t motivate myself to proceed
When the future brings only anxiety
When I would let harm come to my body
Just to prove to myself, and others, this isn’t phoney
Where is life?

Sense for my Senses.

Black, black as the night
sky reveals depth of mystery
no respite
only glimmers of street light
orange and white

Cool, cool breeze in the air
ruffles my clothes
and hair
momentary pain distraction there
seconds without care

When the pain won’t stray
aches and shakes last
all day
chest full of rubble
head filled with trouble
there’s no comfort in any way
any way