Spoon Economics is A very enlightening expansion on Spoon Theory.


Reposted from a late-night email I wrote a while back that is rather interesting to revisit at the present time. Concentration warning – longish.

I was pondering the many applications of the original Spoon Theory recently, at some unearthly hour of course. One of the things on my mind was that the concept has been taken up more widely by healthy people, usually to describe general stress and weariness, e.g. “I should get this piece of work done but I just don’t have the spoons so I’m going home.” Understandably this has caused some opprobrium in chronically ill/disabled circles, partly because run of the mill tiredness at the end of the day is not really comparable to literally not being able to get out of bed because you used up your energy having a shower yesterday, and partly because it can feel like yet another thing created for or by a…

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