This headphone’s cable
gets so tangled
and messed up
I don’t know if I like it anymore
It functions, just
but the delight is gone
it’s so difficult to work with
every time I think a knot is undone
there’s another one pulling it back into a tangle again
I think of just throwing it away
starting afresh with a new one
Life would be so much easier then, wouldn’t it?
Yet I’m quite attached to this old one
We’ve spent so much time together
You are so comfortable to have around
So familiar
moulded to me.
But this cable
is a real problem
even if we could untangle it
Would the kinks all be gone
Would you be as comfortable?
And a new one
Will sound different
will feel different
will get caught up around me differently
maybe I won’t like that
Tangled up
by my own thoughts