Resolution (23Oct2012)

i give up
nothing I do makes any difference
all my efforts
what are they for?
nothing really changes
i’m still unhappy
most of the time
about so many aspects of the relationship
i’m hurting myself
with the frustration
and i just

give up
stop struggling
stop fighting for what I want
and after that
i don’t know what will happen.

and something unusual happened
a calming
a space opened up around me
that was freeing
everything just flowed


One Moment

There IS no right thing to say
There IS no right question
There IS no right answer
There IS no right way of doing this
There IS only the moment
An endless point
of being
of experiencing
of sharing
of feeling what you feel
right now
at this moment.
Tell me
who are you…
right at this moment?

Contemplating Failure


didn’t meet expectations
not meeting expected outcome
inability to perform a normal function
falling short
lack of success
but how do you feel about it?
and so let go of the feelings. don’t hang onto them any more. don’t hold them close but set them free.
this is not who you are, this is just what you are thinking about.
this is not what is, this is just what you feel about something.
this is not an ending, it is just the start of something.
there is no failure