This life
This ONE life
Just how precious is it?
Like so many others
I’ve spent time, both
frittering it away
and worshipping it
Reacting to it
Fighting it
Asking myself
“Is this it ‽”.
And eventually,
hearing the distant voice
of my body crying out
Exhausted and overwrought
Depression territory.
But there is something about
looking at it all
Through loving eyes, and
Surrendering to it all.
Being the most real
The most honest to yourself
and To the universe
Surrender is expression not suppression

(15 April 2016)


[ When I open up to another person, get vulnerable and reveal more of the inner me – and they reject me – it doesn’t mean I am rejectable or unloved. It only means that they were uncomfortable with something they felt inside, stirred up by what I expressed.]

Silver Linings – Day 21.


Today I sent an email to a social/community group that I am a committee member of, to let them know that I am feeling overwhelmed by life at the moment and am unsure of my ability to participate much.

I was in bed all day today. Sound asleep mostly. Except for when I had to get up and eat something to take my medication with, because I realised my reminder alarm had been going off for about half an hour.

The good thing is that I consider all of these members my friends, and I knew that they would be supportive.

I received back supportive responses about caring for myself as a priority. A close friend sent a message congratulating me for speaking up and saying how good the email I sent out was.

And during the day I found a beautiful mention on a friend’s blog regarding a poem I dedicated to her yesterday. And also received words of wisdom from her tonight.

When I feel like I’m crumbling apart, it’s good to know that my friends are behind me supporting however they can.

Who do you turn to for support?

The Response.

I am not broken
Nor faulty
I am alive
Even thriving
Because I am here
Been through so much
And I am here
in this moment
aware of myself
all that was
and all that is

I will step forwards
Through this
Because I know
it doesn’t end here
My life goes on
to bigger and better
That’s just how
it’s always been
This day is
just like others
that I made it through
that I grew through
I am life

(14 April 2015)


[ written in response to yesterday’s post First Awareness. ]