Zephyr Quartet

A string quartet, walk onto the stage
To applause, the audience is ready
In this small theater, they stand to play
Announcement, then bows held steady

Acoustic performance, no amplification
The sound is golden and clear
Their first piece is bouncy, light, and fun
My thoughts entirely focus here

Three movements with pause, I finally exhale –
At the end of the piece and say “Wow!”
This is the experience no recording can capture
The clarity and depth, the power.

I realised that music is interpretive art form
Each listener connects differently
It’s just like the poems, we write and share here
We take away different perspective
Our own experiences dictate what we like and really understand


the part where you lost control

Her words hit me like a prophecy,
i think i am ready to lose control.
give up all my struggling,
find a way out of the hole
that I created, digging down,
and building walls that surround

let go, release, no more holding on
to safety,
don’t fear
the pain,
those fires will not hurt you,
only strengthen
and change
by burning off the layers
that weighed you down

She said “you are free”
“as soon as you choose to be”


[this is my response to Luca’s challenge at:]

Leave Me in Tears.

Absent-mindedly this morning
I started thinking about us.
Just wondering
where happiness is.
What lies, sit beneath the surface.
How much compromise can one bear.
Why we both see the same purpose
With very different eyes…

Are we both denying ourselves
for the other?

It’s so easy to shut up
and shut down
For half a life, to put up
with, to smile not frown.

But this is against what my heart requires
And now all that I feel, is sorrow
No desires.

Where it comes from.

The muse’s hat may choose you all
At any point you know
To be some inspirational
And spark creative flow

You’re not aware
That what you say
Creates force waves
Shifts energy our way

We takes those ideas
Start word flirtation
Never stop being real
You are inspiration!

Dedicated to PookyH, who provides motivation and inspiration to many here. Your sparkly purple fedora awaits!

Re-Vision 3

[To commemorate 1 year of blogging, and because my brain needs a rest, This next week I will be reblogging some of my favourite pieces with a little explanation added.]

When the world seemed against me

I moved through the pain.
When I thought the world
would collapse all about me,
It didn’t.
And all that came of it
Was my experience
And what I chose to feel
And remember.

I kept reminding myself
be present
Forget the past
Ignore an unknown future
This shall pass
This has no control over me

Now something’s happening
subtly and significantly
My reactions are dropping
replaced by understanding
Calmer feelings
Considered responses

The verbal anger
Presents itself to me
as I stand amidst
the buffeting winds of emotion
Swaying but calm inside.
Whispering the storm
Calming and soothing
Steering it to a quiet rest
A change of tone
A smile

This was an evening where I needed to talk with my partner. There was certainly some angst on either or both sides. And the situation must have become quite bad to prompt this poem. But I was aware of focussing on the talk and resolution and keeping the emotional reactions at bay. Then I found a calmness – in the midst of the emotional verbal storm that erupted. And because my foundation was solidly based on love and acceptance – of myself, of her, of the moment – like a tree with deep roots I swayed with the winds and remained steady. And through this I was able to effect my calmness and stability on the storm, to tame it gently to peace and to finally bring a smile from her face.
It was a profound moment for me. To realise how much one’s own attitude can turn a situation completely around. Perhaps a rare moment for me, but definitely worth remembering what I am capable of achieving. So I am very glad this poem is here as a positive statement. 
At times I feel tired of fighting. But I also feel tired of not fighting for what I believe in. 
What do you or would you fight for, even if you felt completely alone in the battle? 

Re-Vision 2 and Challenge!

[To commemorate 1 year of blogging, and because my brain needs a rest, This next week I will be reblogging some of my favourite pieces with a little explanation added.]

I don’t remember exact circumstances surrounding the creation of this piece. Obviously I was very down and I suspect there had been an unhappy talk with my partner that was not resolved satisfactorily. Writing this I was really concentrating on narrowing my focus right down on my thoughts to find the single word description for what each line was to say (and at the same time creating a focus for my emotional energy). 15 lines, 15 words. My ultimate pared down poetry. So I am very proud of this because I had never written a single word per line piece before. Have you?






The Challenge: Write a poem, as long or short as you like, on any topic or theme. Just have a go! I really would like to see what others can come up with! Each line is to contain a single word phrase. Subsequent lines may not form or be part of a normal phrase or sentence. The intent is to distill each line of your poem down to a single word. The title may contain more than a single word. Please post a link to your post in the comments here. I will add your poems below. 

Re-Vision 1

[To commemorate 1 year of blogging, and because my brain needs a rest, This next week I will be reblogging some of my favourite pieces with a little explanation added.]

This was inspired by a fun weekend with new friends, new experiences, and challenges to my preconceptions of others. I wish to be there again, but must settle for friendship and memories of a unique moment in my life.

Supanova sunset

Do you feel free?
Do you not see
the boundaries surrounding
that are stifling and strangling
the you that wants to be
the person who is free
to express and change and laugh out loud
ignoring noises from the crowd
unless they cheer you on
then you know the time has come
to be brave and bold and beautiful
your soul expressing bountiful
its you
completely you
nothing else is true
just you

How it came to be.

[This is a companion piece, a prelude, or perhaps a prequel, to last night’s “My feeling”.]

While attempting to clear my head
As reclining for the night in bed
Reading words guides my attitude
Seeking thoughts full of gratitude
Find emotion full of question instead.

New words swirl around in my brain
Joining up forming rhyming refrain
Choose to write from my head
Else no sleep in my bed
So a poem is birthed once again.