Supanova sunset

Do you feel free?
Do you not see
the boundaries surrounding
that are stifling and strangling
the you that wants to be
the person who is free
to express and change and laugh out loud
ignoring noises from the crowd
unless they cheer you on
then you know the time has come
to be brave and bold and beautiful
your soul expressing bountiful
its you
completely you
nothing else is true
just you

I Love You

I Love You.
A statement
pure feeling

Three words
encapsulating so much
emotion and feeling
connection and bonding
voice-choking and free-flowing

I Love You.
Now its a question
Do you love me?
A pleading
Please love me back
Don’t go away

Tainted love
or honest love

Be brave
be bold
I Love You.
always remembered
in my heart
and cherished
dreamt about
and longed for

A crazy book idea

I’ll write a book called “My week of sexual frustration” and it will make some people ponder, others will be sad, some will laugh. But they will all say “So true, what a tale of real life it is”
It won’t be a best seller. It will be spread through social networks. People will discuss it at parties as they contemplate their own relationships. Someone will finish reading it in a coffee shop, and declare out loud “I am free of my frustrations”. And it will eventually be forgotten, but it will have touched so many, and the world will have become just that little bit better.