Toss out the Map Tuesday.

Growing up being told to make plans, to be successful,
to find love make a family and be happy
Pressured into conforming, because no other option is acceptable.
… to who, though?
My life, my decisions, whether planned or spontaneous;
My energy creates the path that I need to follow.
And some days, feeling lost, there is no choice
but to place one foot forward, then the other
and move with courage through whatever now is
Trusting that I will find the place I need to be.

A life map redrawn so many times,
feeling compromised – but eventually realising
This IS my path
This IS where I need to be now
(and just maybe where I needed to be before).
For here is a new comfortable, a soulful ease
A freedom to be myself, once again
As my heart sings with honest openness
Here with my tribe, travelling together.