Depression Creep.

How dare you
Invade my precious dream space
Where I am hero, adventurer, and creator
Where my music comes to life
Where I am a bicycle acrobat
Where my fantasies are fulfilled
Where I am director and stuntman of my own theatre
Where my fears are cleverly revealed
Where I can’t escape the chasing demons
Where my past and future come to life
Where I indulge, love, and explore
Where my pains are recognised
Where I remember the yet to come
Where my return is welcome
The compressing nothingness of depression
Crushing me in a dream was a bit much
Containing me within darkness
Immobilising and silencing me
But letting me see my story destroyed
Cruel and violating
You will stay away
You may taunt me during the day
But you will leave alone my recovery time
You will not trespass any more
I will not allow it.


[ In a way that’s never happened before, Depression invaded my early morning dreams. So powerfully, that when I awoke it took quite some time to drag together the energy & motivation to get out of bed and left me drained for the whole day. ]

6 thoughts on “Depression Creep.

  1. That’s when I know it’s at it’s worse, when you are depressed in your dreams. But then I ask myself, if it’s invading my subconscious, maybe it’s because I’m not dealing with it when I’m awake.

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    • This did hit me completely out of the blue and It’s interesting to observe my own reactions to it. You make a good point. There were definitely fresh, unresolved issues on my mind that were burning me up, that I was trying to work out how to bring them up.


      • Dont be humbled, own it.

        Unfortunately it is often the way that brilliance comes when we feel we’re at the pit of our existence. If there’s any positive that can come out of such horrid emotions, let it be that you were able to express them so poignantly.

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        • Well then, I thank you for your feedback. It filled me with pride and reminded me that all writing is worthwhile in some way.

          I think my inspiration comes from strong emotions or found inspiration. That has often been the darkness but I am open to other avenues.

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