One and a Quarter Hours to Midnight.

I see a bicycle up against a flat finish wall. they are both painted a dirty pale yellow green. 

I see a large arch-topped tunnel starting in the wall, it’s blackness trails away endlessly. 


Colour In Your Day.

Orange goes with Grey
They set out for a walk one day
Orange so bright
cheerful and warm
Grey feeling dark
morose and withdrawn
While one felt alive
in the crisp morning air
The other felt chilled
and numb everywhere
But the sun was shining
and warming them both
And dew glistening grass
showed signs of fresh growth
There was life all around
with birds in the trees
Pets free in the park
and no hint of a breeze
‘Twas a good time for strolling
and stretching legs wide
Reminded how wondrous
the world is outside
And as they both opened
to all they could see
The comforting thoughts came
“it’s good to be me!”


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 37 – Favourite colour ]


With autumn comes the changes
in the colour of the trees
As they glow with inner fire
before leaping on the breeze
Then a symphony of sounds
in dry rattle, crunchy squeeze
Until fading life escapes them
back to earth return the leaves.

Our relationship was like them
once fresh, young, the moment seize
With time, a strength and steadiness
for both comfort and to please
Now a final burst of colour
springing forth despite unease
But from all the pain and heartache
my soul shrivels up and leaves.

[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 23 – One Word Title ]

Rainbow diet

There’s no better way to build up courage
Than starting the day with purple porridge

For the middle of the day be healthy and keen
Eating a lunch filled with shades of green

For evening time, a brainpower dish
With 3 colour veg and pink of fish

Savor that treat which just tastes great
Organic rich brown chocolate

inspired by the addition of homegrown stewed plums to my quinoa, chia, & coconut milk porridge and a literary sense of desire to embrace the lighter side of life.