Rainbow diet

There’s no better way to build up courage
Than starting the day with purple porridge

For the middle of the day be healthy and keen
Eating a lunch filled with shades of green

For evening time, a brainpower dish
With 3 colour veg and pink of fish

Savor that treat which just tastes great
Organic rich brown chocolate

inspired by the addition of homegrown stewed plums to my quinoa, chia, & coconut milk porridge and a literary sense of desire to embrace the lighter side of life.


6 thoughts on “Rainbow diet

  1. This is light and fun! Things are good?

    We often have pink porridge – just regular porridge with a lot of raspberries mixed through, not half as posh as your purple porridge but it’s very tasty.

    How is your Dad doing now? x


    • Thanks Pooky. Mmmm, raspberries!. We’re just leaving fresh blueberry season so was also enjoying those while they were cheap and delicious. Now to hit the freezer stock of plums from last summer!

      Generally my IBS seems to becoming under control (between my stricter diet, Naturopath’s herbal supplements and GP’s prescription) which is a great relief. And I’m going through a more positive mental state generally now – which I suspect is somewhat related to the big reduction in symptoms.

      Dad is improving daily, at home. If those darn remedial therapy people would just let him get some good rest (nearly daily visits and exercises), it would be quicker. Now in the process of upgrading the home facilities for easier mobility – rails and shower seats. We had good discussions today to finalise all the handrails so I can order them in tomorrow.


      • It seems a bit mad that they’re meant to be helping but they’re just tiring him out? Great to hear he’s making good progress though. You sound a lot better? I hope that the darkness is receding somewhat x


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