Time Travel (Snail Mail).

I am writing you this letter
on paper and with pen
To send a little update,
and say hello again
Tomorrow I am painting,
but for you it will be
Something finished days ago
in the past you see
And still
Here, right now, it’s yet to come
something amazing’s happening
These words are journeying
Forwards then back in time
Thinking about it blows my mind
For my thoughts are these words
And if words can be my thoughts
There both tomorrow and yesterday
Is time travel just a matter of say
a focus of the mind?


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 28 – Time Difference ]


5 thoughts on “Time Travel (Snail Mail).

  1. Oh what a fun take on the prompt! I love this so much… and so true.

    It’s funny, I was worried this was one of the less good prompts but people seem to have picked it up and run with it in all sorts of highly interesting and entertaining ways.


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