Elegy for a missing travel bag. 

[ trigger warning: reference to a deceased friend ]

Tricia said “those bastards” and “I hope you’re alright dear” then she started talking about her own experiences of life being unfair and unpleasant. It’s her care and warmth that shines through. And soon you feel much better, for a sympathetic ear from a beautiful soul.

She’s right here with us, loving that we became friends through her. And she’s focusing on the important matters in life, steering our thoughts away from unpleasant incidents, because – well because that doesn’t really matter.

In this great play of life, the small unpleasantness doesn’t really matter. We have each other. We have health food and shelter. We are able to travel and create our own adventures. We stay safe. And we look out for each other.

Our role is flexible. We choose the story as we go, but we choose to embrace others into it, to create a big beautiful mosaic of life.

[ postscript. ]

Traveling the US for the first time in my life. Seeing my favourite musical artist perform live for the first time in my life. On my own, quite the adventure. Visiting writer friends. Visiting new old friends and going to a vegan Sushi restaurant, during which brief time my Bag was stolen from a car boot barely 15m away. Everything important, everything non-replaceable, was with me. Being grateful. Being thankful for all that I have. And learning to let go of that which doesn’t really matter, learning to free the soul from material attachments. A valuable lesson, at an important time in my life.


Changi Airport Pause.

The rain comes lightly
a barely discernible mist
drifting down
without a sound.
Then I hear them
larger drops
hitting water
tickling the pool surface.
I dive in
cool, refreshing
relief from the humidity
stretching travel-weary muscles.
A flash of white
A pause
overhead crash of thunder
Tropical evening
and the rain has stopped.


Travelling in Five Parts.

Part 1.

Ten forty AM
The plane starts to move
and taxi along the runway
It’s a quiet day
Sunny, peaceful, calm.

Rolling up to the edge of the airport
I see the cars driving by
along that road I know so well
A few patient watchers*
look on from the car park.

Turbines roar
Now we are moving
Pushed back in the seat
as we lift
or does the ground drop away?
Senses confused.

I spot landmarks from the air
To feel at home while I leave my home
Shopping centres made of cardboard
Houses just tiny coloured blocks
Suburban grids
Coloured roofs and trees
Trees, the lifeblood of the city.

The city towers are just more boxes
Colourful and patterned
Everything below is a toy
A flash from a shiny roof
and we bank to the left.

Part 2.

The hills flatten out
from this height
Mere mounds in the landscape
As we rise to cloud level
Wing tips brushing
the fluffy cottoness
of dense water vapour
Only looking white
Because it reflects the light.

Now even the clouds pass below
Suspended in nothingness
Casting shadows their only action.

Jigsaw pattern landscape
Greens and purple browns
Streaks of sand-dunes
Lining up to face the wind
Fence-lines and unsealed roads
Divide up the land
In between dams and creek-beds.

Part 3.

A plant unfurling
Hilltop tracks stretch out
To reach mechanical flowers
Which bloom
and twirl in the breeze.

Part 4.

Flat barren landscape
above the clouds
A few kilometres away
another plane
flying the same direction
Is there a horizon?

[ I wondered, is there a horizon when you are 10km up, looking down over a continuous white blanket of cloud? The other plane is just visible below and to the right of the wingtip ]

Part 5.

Cellophane wrapping
Cutlery scrapes plastic plates
Elbows bump, mealtime.

[ I sketched the cake from lunch, rather than eat it. Sweetened with agave syrup, which is relatively unprocessed, but almost pure fructose. My stomach would not have appreciated it ]

Past and Future Travels.

No particular date significance today, just my occasional self assessment piqued by reading what others write. Today I read about Louise’s progress and got to thinking about myself and where I’ve been recently:
“Recovery takes time. I am glad to see the pain of the last year behind me, but through it I have learnt a lot about myself that I would not have otherwise – what I need, what I can do, and what I must be careful of.”

It is good to look back and see progress and so much more. It is much easier to do so when you are in a positive frame of mind.
“Why is that?” I hear you ask.

Well, I am halfway through being home alone for 10 days and it has let my stress and anxiety levels drop and given my thoughts and emotions space to breathe. Space to breathe. I knew it was necessary but had just not found the way to make that space. Now I am experiencing the benefit. And there is more time-out to come…

But back to now. I had a great catchup and chat with a friend last week (see my poem) and then a great weekend of playing board games with friends on International TableTop Day and being productive around the house outside in the sun.

And next there’s this thing that I’m looking forward to. A two week visit to my little sister in London. It’s a serious undertaking to be travelling for around 30 hours to get from one continent & hemisphere to the other. Nonetheless I will be arriving in the morning of 15th May and leaving in the evening of the 28th. No firm plans yet other than a Nigel Kennedy concert on the first Saturday night and lunch in the shard on Sunday. Planning on heading North for a visit to Scotland in there somewhere.

Now, it’s about you! If you live in the UK (or willing to cross paths there) I’d love to catch up with my fellow writers. I know a few of you reside in that part of the world and a few of you I have no idea where you are based. Plans are already afoot to catch up with one poet/writer in London, so if you would like to meet me, I would be delighted to meet you. Whether over your favourite beverage or a meal or checking out a museum – I’m open to options.

In any event, please send me your suggestions for things to see and do.
And don’t feel left out my friends in the American continent. I will get there one day too, I promise!.

You may email me directly (see my about page for contact form or just email wbdeejay [at] gmail dot com) or just comment here if you have suggestions. Your turn…


Monday Meme – Vancouver Lights (Response)

Vancouver city lights
Shining so bright
All through the night
To my heart’s delight
As I look from this height
Oh what a sight
Emotions take flight
And soar like a kite
With the wind just right
I forget my plight
And feel no fright
This moment just right
This moment I write.


my response to Shawn’s Monday Meme photo prompt over at http://shawnbird.com/2013/11/25/monday-meme-vancouver-lights/