Elegy for a missing travel bag. 

[ trigger warning: reference to a deceased friend ]

Tricia said “those bastards” and “I hope you’re alright dear” then she started talking about her own experiences of life being unfair and unpleasant. It’s her care and warmth that shines through. And soon you feel much better, for a sympathetic ear from a beautiful soul.

She’s right here with us, loving that we became friends through her. And she’s focusing on the important matters in life, steering our thoughts away from unpleasant incidents, because – well because that doesn’t really matter.

In this great play of life, the small unpleasantness doesn’t really matter. We have each other. We have health food and shelter. We are able to travel and create our own adventures. We stay safe. And we look out for each other.

Our role is flexible. We choose the story as we go, but we choose to embrace others into it, to create a big beautiful mosaic of life.

[ postscript. ]

Traveling the US for the first time in my life. Seeing my favourite musical artist perform live for the first time in my life. On my own, quite the adventure. Visiting writer friends. Visiting new old friends and going to a vegan Sushi restaurant, during which brief time my Bag was stolen from a car boot barely 15m away. Everything important, everything non-replaceable, was with me. Being grateful. Being thankful for all that I have. And learning to let go of that which doesn’t really matter, learning to free the soul from material attachments. A valuable lesson, at an important time in my life.


Ten Things of Thankful. (30 July 2016 edition)

It’s been a busy week with lack of sleep and some emotional realisations, and I am thankful for:

  1. Positive energy and self belief to propel myself through each day at a time.
  2. A senior pet rabbit (Mr.Poppy) who takes his arthritis medication every time even though it tastes unpleasant. I put the pieces of tablet inside a dried sultana and give him his fresh vegetables straight after. He is adapting so well to old age.
  3. A cheeky pet rabbit (Nigella) who despite being unable to spend close time with her housemate, will come to me for attention and settle down, eyes closed, enjoying the moment. It works both ways.
  4. Access to fresh, quality vegetables, eggs and fish. Most of it produced locally or interstate. Much of it organic. I don’t have to worry about the chemicals that are used in food production in nearby countries and then cheaply imported.
  5. Good friends within my social groups, who are always ready for a good chat and are receptive when I need to honestly express myself. Good friends who bring laughter and fun into my social life when I have difficulty finding that within.
  6. Emotional breathing space, that let me find again some lost inner truth, that let me see important messages clearly, that gives me hope whatever the outcome. 
  7. Online/overseas friends (Hi Abbie) with who I can share my deepest pain and confusion and receive understanding and love in return.
  8. Creatively brainstorming and collaborating with similar creative people (Hi again Abbie) that challenges my routine and comfort zone and ultimately leaves me feeling more fulfilled.
  9. A flexible work environment that lets me have slow, late mornings, and take time to sit and write as the need arises.
  10. Local friends who I trust and believe, who encourage me when I need to hear it, and who tell me I am loved and valued when I need to hear it.

I am thankful for the opportunity to realise gratitude in my life.

What are you thankful today?

Ten Things of Thankfulness (Big and Small edition).

With a little encouragement from A I have decided to dive into Ten Things of Thankful.

  1. I am thankful for Deborah responding to my Poetry picture shared on FB (the one about hidden pain) and letting me know she connected with it and offering a listening ear.
  2. Thankful for Lisa for letting me share a brunch order with her (of GF toast, poached eggs, bacon, avocado) so that I would know she had some proper food today and not just coffees.
  3. Thankful for my sister-in-law Julia texting through a picture of her daughter enjoying the birthday present she received today, in my absence. The card had my name on it as well, even though I had precious little involvement in the present acquisition.
  4. Thankful for seeing our pet rabbit Mr.Poppy asleep on his side in the DBP (dead bunny position) for much of this warm Sunday afternoon. An indication of his comfort and relaxed state, despite his ageing body (he is officially a Senior rabbit) and progressing arthritis. And also thankful for him letting me stroke his sleepy head and remain relaxed and snoozing on two separate occasions.
  5. Thankful for friends like Abbie and Lisa that encourage me to focus on the positives and partake in such Adventures as this TToT writing challenge.  I’m halfway there and fourteen minutes has passed, so I’m on track for a relatively quick write-up today 😀
  6. I am thankful for Lisa meeting me for a coffee and chat on this Sunday-that-I-needed-for-myself. Despite her own struggles with depression coinciding with mine this week. I am thankful particularly that through her sharing and words reminding me how important a person I am, reminding me how much I am cared for, reminding me how the screwed-up mental illness chemistry just fooks with one’s perception of reality. 
  7. Is that two there? If I have trouble later on, I can break that last one down into two, right? So this has to be a proper one, a big one, my brain says. A challenging one. A God-its-so-hard-to-admit-to-myself-or-anyone-else one. Thinks… lets the pressure go, keep the intuition on hand… I am thankful that my wife loves me. Still. After everything we’ve been through. After at least ten years of me being subtly difficult to live with, and then more recently probably blatantly difficult to live with. She still makes an effort to let me know she cares, even when I am blind to it. I am thankful for her, for this. Life would perhaps be so much shittier if not for this, or perhaps life would be different, I don’t really know. Know one really knows, do they?!
  8. I am thankful for Lisa sharing her own relationship dramas with me. Just her knowing smile at me said enough, said so much. But I asked for elaborations anyway, because who can’t resist a good story!
  9. I am thankful for technology that lets me watch a movie at home, on decent sized screen, streamed from goodness-knows-where via a DVD player with a dedicated Netflix button on the remote. Cheers to all you clever geeks that design such user friendly pieces of tech that let me escape into a story, laugh, hope and then wonder where my afternoon went!
  10. Oh, hey there! This would be the last one. So for today, finally, I am thankful for quiet, cheap-to-operate, whole-house ducted evaporative cooling that lets me survive the expected 38C (100F) in this hot-and-dry-place in this mostly-hot-and-dry-country sitting in the southern hemisphere all on its own between the great South Pacific and Indian Oceans.

So there you have it 38 minutes and some loose change on the clock. I just need to post and link it into WordPress now, and plan how I might do this again next weekend.  You see it’s been weeks since I last posted to WP and there is a bunch of poetry waiting to go up.  So I’m hoping this will get my writing momentum going again. 

What are you thankful for today?

Silver Linings – Day 32.

Ice and snow is not something that happens here. We get excited when it’s cold enough to rain with hail once or twice during winter. Sub-zero temperatures are unheard of. Our experiences are mostly of drought and temperatures in the mid 40s Celsius.

So when a friend mentioned she had spare tickets to a pop-up ice-skating rink on Sunday I opted in for a unique experience.

Catching the tram into the city, I thought back to when I last skated. 25 years ago at a big indoor rink on the edge of town.

But this was different. A marquee setup on the grass alongside the small river that runs through town. Some fire barrels, warm drinks and a few outdoor games while you are waiting. The marquee was enclosed with clear panels so it still felt quite open. And inside, a portable ice rink roughly 6×12 metres. Not big, but we were early and got out on the ice straight away before the hoards of parents and children started trickling in.

First thing I noticed was that I hadn’t forgotten how to skate, in my self-taught-by-watching-others style anyway. Starting, stopping, turning, all easy, just like riding a bicycle!

Fun music playing, a predominance of early Michael Jackson songs. I just enjoyed myself thoroughly. Certain that I had a big smile on my face the whole time.

As more and more people got onto the ice, negotiating around the more cautious skaters became fun. Picking one of the experienced skaters and trying to keep up with them.

And after a while, I noticed mostly everyone was having a fun time as well. All I could hear was laughter and happy voices. What a great little atmosphere. People laughing at partners falling. Children eyes wide with wonder. Adults joyfully helping children skate. Even beginners hanging onto their penguin stands gliding along and enjoying themselves. Children falling over in front of me – stop and help them up with a smile, see them smile back.

Sunday I had a magical experience. The more I think back to it, the more joy I feel.

Now I know that one day I must skate in an outside natural skate arena, at night, maybe with a glass of champagne in one hand. And have some lessons, learn to skate better and skate backwards. New goals, fresh inspiring ideas, future thoughts!

What are your ice skating experiences?
What was the last magical experience you had?