Holding On.

Some words must be blocked out

Never heard

Their dark, desperate,

deep disturbance

Disrupts the thine line

That I walk each day.

As they creep from the silence

I seek noise, distraction

action, engagement,

Push away the pressure

Leaving space for light.

Scarce lightness

Found outside in the sunshine

With the wind through my hair

As I glide along greenways

Nature ways

Pathways to sanity,

clarity, comfort.

There are no shortcuts

I know no easy way

to traverse time.

Just this time I find my way

quickly, quietly

Hopefully, generously,

happily, thoroughly

Following the hand

leading me along the light

Holding your hand tight

Holding what feels right.

Natural Music.

( 28 April 2014 )

The wind
rustles the trees
I hear
rolling leaves
rattling along
the gravel drive
staccato punctuations
to the soothing
and birdsong

Afternoon delight
shines bright
between cloud breaks
passing by
Autumn skies
sleepy calm
head lays down
close eyes