Within. Without. 

Searching for myself
While I struggle to breathe
The gravity of uncertainty
Holds me back, down
My arms curl in, as I curl up,
Away from the cold storm outside
Raging weather unsettles me
As I long for calm
Without and within.


Advice to Myself.

There is no need to hurt
Don’t ask why
Don’t deny
 yourself any feeling
Sit with it
Acknowledge it
But do not dwell on it
No judgement for yourself
 or the feelings
Let them be
And let them go
Be at peace with yourself
Within the moment
Let the storms rage around you
You are safe, here
 in the centre of it all
Until the tempest passes

Changi Airport Pause.

The rain comes lightly
a barely discernible mist
drifting down
without a sound.
Then I hear them
larger drops
hitting water
tickling the pool surface.
I dive in
cool, refreshing
relief from the humidity
stretching travel-weary muscles.
A flash of white
A pause
overhead crash of thunder
Tropical evening
and the rain has stopped.


When the world seemed against me

I moved through the pain.
When I thought the world
would collapse all about me,
It didn’t.
And all that came of it
Was my experience
And what I chose to feel
And remember.

I kept reminding myself
be present
Forget the past
Ignore an unknown future
This shall pass
This has no control over me

Now something’s happening
subtly and significantly
My reactions are dropping
replaced by understanding
Calmer feelings
Considered responses

The verbal anger
Presents itself to me
as I stand amidst
the buffeting winds of emotion
Swaying but calm inside.
Whispering the storm
Calming and soothing
Steering it to a quiet rest
A change of tone
A smile