A moment of Carolina in Silence.

Silence spoke
Whispering in her usual tone
Of quiet places and
Welcome comfort
Releasing those clanging heavy chains of everyday
Until you slip into welcome peace
Amongst the calming aroma of herbs and spices that surrounded your head in Autumns past
Listen deeply
Let her words carry you into the heart of freedom
Easing the vessel of your being to a new state
Where we rest with impunity.



Carolina was talking to me on the train home. I was listening to music so pulled my headphones down to hear what she was saying.

I had seen her give a handful of change to a homeless guy who was walking through the carriage asking out loud for just an extra dollar. There was something in her face and her presence, an energy that I connected with on some level. 

She was talking clearly, but I struggled to understand through the African-American accent and slightly incoherent concepts. But she was kind and I listened, smiled and gave her my full attention over the train noise. 

I asked her name. Then told her I would name this poem I just wrote after her. 

Suddenly my stop came up and we both got off the train. After we walked some meters on opposite sides of the platform, I stopped, turned and waited while she lay down her bag and bunch of flowers on the slatted bench seat to wait for the connecting train. I asked how was her reading? She said good, so I offered the chance to read the poem I named for her. 

Carolina looked at my phone and read my poem out loud, perfectly clear and with understanding. I sensed she appreciated it but was perhaps slightly bemused by this unusual experience. 

She grabbed her pen and started tagging the steel posts with “TO SEM”. The meaning of these words, over and over, was lost to me. 

Turning and leaving, I smiled over this interaction with a stranger. I don’t know just how much we connected, and whether she will remember the poem a stranger gave her on a train. I wonder whether she will be ok in time, not that she wasn’t during this shared time, but just because I care. 

Carolina took a little part of my heart that I willingly offered her. And I wonder whether maybe the world will be just a little brighter because of this.


In the Silence.

What do you hear?
When the washing machine stops turning
And the kettle has boiled
When the car has driven past
And the lawn-mowing stops
What do you hear?
In between the birdsong
And during a lull of the wind
When your pets are asleep
What do you hear?
When you switch off the television
And the world outside quiets down
When the plane has flown overhead
And you pause the thoughts in your head
When you listen into the pause of your breath
What do you hear?
Tell me

Look of Desire.

[To celebrate the final day of NaPoWriMo and my successful participation, something different. Not sure if this qualifies as erotica, but that was my initial aim. It contains medium level sexual references and, well, you’ll see…]


Without a word
you approach me
Slinking that way
Your eyes saying
just how naughty
you want to be
I see every word

My thoughts skip forward
to your hand on my waist
fabric pops over buttons
with a deft twist of wrist

Eyes locked on mine
Silently whispering how you feel
Lips curled up a touch
Preparing for what comes next

Warm mouth and slow tongue
wrapped around me
sliding, smooth, tantalising
Fingers pulling me taut
firmly holding my excitement
Gentle pressure increases
from you and within me

I pop
back to the present
as your eyes pass by
soft lips almost brush my cheek
fingers trail around my waist
leaving me
wondering how this evening will end


A Sort Of Death.

What’s up, she said
Dunno, he said
Just laugh, she said
Fuck off, he said
You’re cruel, she said
You’re mean, he said
‘Fraid not, she said
You’re hot, he said

And back and forth the conversation goes
With both sides standing their ground
They wonder if they will becomes foes
Or a friendship that will stay sound

He wants to explain about all the pain
That comes and goes through his head
But no understanding becomes such a drain
That he shuts down and shuts up instead

“Oh, how I wish…” and “If only she…”
Are frequently upon his thoughts
But expecting a change in someone can be
Leading too death of a sorts