Feeling guilt over the validity of my pain
Comparing my childhood story with yours

Yet I know this is no competition
And we each bear our own challenges
We each learn in our own ways

Why does comparison even come into it?

How do we accept this and grow?

Wanting life to be right and just, does not make it so

All we can do is live our own integrity


What reminds you of who you truly are?

This challenge is from Rarasaur, SKIP challenge. It took a little time to get into the part of my brain that was holding these thoughts, but it was well worth the effort. Have a go yourself and share here if you do.
What reminds you of who you truly are?  Maybe you have a response to anything on my list?

1. Lego

2. Playing piano

3. Riding a bicycle

4. Quietness in the warm sunshine

5. Swinging in the sunshine

6. Fixing something

7. Music that sends tingles down my spine

8. Golden North Giant Twins

9. Walking through wooded nature

10. The beach during summer

11. Playing with children

12. Loose leaf white tea

13. Christmas Lunch with Cousins, Aunties, & Uncles

14. Receiving a message from a friend

15. Remembering my Dad

16. Movie nights at home

17. Magpies warbling in the early morning

Vision Restored.

I see them all
Faults magnified
Through my looking glass
of perception
Dragging me to unease
Tearing at my sanity
No release
Struck down by
Perfection paralysis

You are my cure
The medicine that makes me whole
When you are here
When we connect
All other is forgotten
All our words
All our thoughts
Are all that matters

[ dedicated to my dear friend Helen ]