Within. Without. 

Searching for myself
While I struggle to breathe
The gravity of uncertainty
Holds me back, down
My arms curl in, as I curl up,
Away from the cold storm outside
Raging weather unsettles me
As I long for calm
Without and within.


Today Was Today.

The coin flipped
Landed despair side up
Despondency flows naturally
Head is fogged in
Can’t remember what I did
or didn’t do
minutes or seconds ago

Bad days
Where despising
who you are
comes so easily
Where you really wonder
if she cares about you
Despite all that was said and done
Because of all that was said and done
So busy while she is away
Struggling with her home again

Sheltering others from how I feel
Withdawing from contact
Whilst feeling lonely at the same time

Get a grip
Pocket that coin
Make your own decisions
Don’t let emotional bullies drag you down