I smell them all
Market scents and sounds
surround me
Ripe fruits
Spiced mushrooms
Heady aroma
Your perfume
And I feel

I hear them all
My taste in music
The sounds
The edits
Every note
Complexity and simplicity
Voice and instrument
And I feel

I taste them all
Ingredients I see
Crunchy raw nuts
Seasonal vegetables
Sweet wine
Savouring the meal
Your lips
And I feel

I see it all
How they touch
What she is thinking
The ignored child
The look
Those curves
And I feel

I touch it all
Silken hair
Knitted fabric textures
Smooth tight cotton
Warm skin
It all touches me
And I feel


[Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt has taken priority over another poem I wrote earlier. The prompt was to use the senses in a description of something. I have taken this further in my own way (yes, I’m a rule-breaker) with an underlying unifying theme. Inspired initially by the music I was listening to while writing earlier.]
Edit: I added the sense of smell, was rushing to press this last night and would have realised the missing if I had let it stew for a day.


Powerful Friends.

Your smile
Those eyes
Your warmth
They care
I see
and feel
the truth

My fear
The heartache
I am
not who
I was

Where are
you friend?
Give me
from pain
Take me
Relief is
palpable bliss