Restrained Teardrops.

Tears of sadness and joy

For the loss of a part of me that I held close for so long

That was integral to my being and yet never served me well

Since some long ago defence response initiated its activity

And now I let it go, simply no longer needed, simply

Never to be a part of my life again

Loss and Joy combined

Bittersweet tears sat behind my eyes, until

Your words brought clarity to my attention

I sit now, within the truth, feeling

Tears of sadness and joy



Tell me: What have you given up, that hurt?


Flowing Duo.

brave writing
emotional writing
honest writing
courageous writing
necessary writing
necessary words
true words
strong words
difficult words
challenging words
challenging self
expressing self
honouring self
revealing self
freeing self
inside self
inside out
screaming out
pushing out
letting out
outing fear
facing fear
and eventually
overcoming fear


[thanks to for the spark of inspiration]