Almost There. (Reblog)

Familiar feelings in words from a brilliant poet friend. Sharing with you all because it helps to hear these sentiments from outside oneself.

Pooky's Poems

I live life in the fringes;
I live life almost there,
Not quite in the moment,
I don’t live my life with flair.

I do things rather quietly
And dark corners are my place,
I can’t join your conversation,
But I like to watch your face.

I like to feel I’m present
But not too much, you understand
I find easy things quite tricky
And my choice of words is bland.

I’m very nearly present
In my own life now these days,
And I hope with lots of effort,
I can move on from this phase.

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Real Words

[ My first blog poem entry. Re-shared two years later. Happy blog birthday to me! ]

42 Days Younger than Kylie

No stuff
No things
Use real words
For describing

Don’t leave gaps
Within your diction
Find the nouns
To suit description

Real words record
convey clear function
Avoid ambiguity
Enhance comprehension

This way forward
Words in hand
Bold and decisive
We will understand

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Beauty in Brokenness

This is what I am discovering about life – it is all about the people who support you!


A conversation with a dear friend today wound up at a place which rather swept me off my feet and plonked me right into the middle of a rather think-y kind of mood. It happened right around the time I was trying to justify the point to her that somehow we just have to live, and keep living, right amidst the shambles that life sees fit to thrust upon us.

Because it does. It really, seriously does.

Life Shambles

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Take some time and check out this new duet partner.  Thank you for writing with me WBDEEJAY



What do we have?
There is a ring on your finger
Twenty years of history have flowed through it
That hand still holds mine
Still searches for me

What do we have?
Decades of collected inside jokes
Still causing the silliest laughter
Betraying our wrinkles
With smiles too big for our faces

What do we have?
Music that soothes the soul
Many styles, many cultures,
Mostly classical and pop
Turning up the radio, we both listen

What do we have?
Tears that flow naturally, unashamed
Through the happy times and saddest of sad
Always finding a place to land
Comfortable in the palms of our hands

What do we have?
Love in your face, in your touch
Hearts that care when the going gets…

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Unplugged! (Reblog)

I unplugged for a good part of today. And as I lay in bed, the noise of the world so loud in my head, I wondered what real silence is like, and feared for the day I experience it.

Mera Corner

Very few are those moments 

In which  

You listen to no sound 

Except of your heart!


Very few are those moments 


Mind feels least cluttered 

And can see everything explicitly!


Very few are those moments 

During which 

Words are musical without music 

And you appreciate ‘Unplugged’!


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On This Day (12 months ago Reblog).

Words of comfort
Posted on July 9, 2013 by wbdeejay

Read this morning on a FB feed story, it connected with me:
“Sometimes we all need to be told that everything is going to be okay, don’t we?”

And I thought I don’t hear that much. Then I thought, I try to tell myself that, but I don’t think I’m very good at really listening to myself. (and *that* is a *big* realisation).

So if it comes from other people, that is good. But I’m not very good at opening up and letting people know me well enough to be telling me that.

And maybe I am so good at “coping” and “getting by” through the tough times that I barely acknowledge to myself that I would benefit from comfort or help, let alone permit others to be aware of my needs.

I think it would be good to receive that comfort, in some way, more often. (but I’m unsure how to let that happen).

But most of all, I think I need those special words to be the starting point for a discussion on just what is going on in my life, of sharing of deep down what is inside me at the time, to let the encouragement reach that scared hidden part of me that is crying out for support.


[ I wanted to re-share these thoughts from 366 days ago (yes it’s been a leap year!) because I feel they are still very relevant today and others may find them of benefit. In some ways little has changed in regards to these thoughts, but looking back at this I do see forward progress (And any positive move after the last 18 months is worth feeling good about). I am better at opening up and letting others in. I am better at hearing the support of others.

Do you need words of comfort? Do you struggle with some of the same questions or do you have similar but different questions of your own? Feel free to share with me in the comments. ]

The Loner. (reblog)

Very touching words. RV has a great technique.
What do you do with loneliness? Please share in the comments below…

When loneliness is coming
I’ll let it be
I’ll spend my days
Learning its ways
Drafting strategies

Allowing myself
To be used by it
Embracing experience
That I’m lonely
It feels good
But it
Doesn’t feel right
I’ll never
Patch it again
With things
Nor will I hope
To be understood
By another being
Just to satisfy
Temporary yearnings
I will let it
Violently stab me
And grow
Stronger from it

©ArVhee 2014

The Rock. (reblog)

[This poem was received overnight, sent by my cousin, after I shared my guilt and shame post with her. She is studying psychology and has personal experience with PTSD and depression and has pointed out the high number of significant stress factors in my life both currently and over the last year that would leave a typical person exhausted and not coping. It helps to have another point of view, but mostly I feel a special warmth that this poem was written for me.]


When others are not helping
[He] is there

When others are obsessing
about how they can benefit
what they want
how this will affect them
[He] considers the other

When others are tired
lost confused tangled
stuck in a myriad of ways
Even though it costs him
[He] reaches out a hand

When family is uncertain
needing help
needing expertise
needing a shoulder
needing physical help
needing his mind
[He] is the rock

It costs:
being a rock
reaching out a hand
being an anchor that others hold on to.

It drains … but he doesn’t walk away,
just buries it inside
It exhausts … but he doesn’t pull the plug
just keeps holding it together til others are OK

What a rock
What an anchor
What a [Man]!

Some days – NaPoWriMo (reblog)

Chantelle’s words are in sync with my thoughts today, feeling lost and confused, but pushing on – somehow. Just what I needed to hear.

Soul Renderings

Some days the hardest part of pressing on

comes in learning to let go

learning to move on

to stop dwelling on what could have been

what should have been

or why

Some days the hardest part of finding myself

comes with learning that it’s okay to be lost

that life doesn’t make sense all the time

and that’s okay

it’s all part of the process

and what’s important

is that I continue

to try.

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One Thing I Can’t Change – a poem about adoption. (reblog)

Pooky's Poems

Some things,
We aren’t supposed to say.
Some problems,
We hope just go away,
Things too big to talk about,
And mention of them
Makes folk doubt,
Whether we are capable,
Or suitable,
This thing that eats me
Every day,
Is one of those
So I don’t say…
I can’t not say it,
Now I love you
More and more.
I’ve thought about it,
Every day,
Since you found
Your special way,
Into our lives
With your sweet smile,
I keep on thinking
That with time, I’ll
Come to terms
With how things are,
With you,
My sweet and shining star.
But here’s the truth,
I hate to face,
Which makes me feel
Such a disgrace,
I wish that I
Had carried you,
Within my womb,
And nurtured you
With my own blood,
And sweat,
And tears.
That yearning
Never disappears.
I don’t love you any less,

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