Finding Your way.

Don’t look back
Lest you trip and fall
On the tangles of negativity
Grabbing at your feet

Step forward
Purposefully, steadily
Slowly if needed, but
Keep momentum positive

Let thoughts backward
Be of today’s joys
Or yesterday’s positives
For energy to propel you onwards

The pain and exhaustion
Is fleeting, don’t dwell there
Move onwards, each moment
Find your better times


The Wrong Response Rejected.

I am not a failure
I am a success at staying alive
I am aware of problems and take steps to remedy them
I am doing the best I can each day
I am brave enough to share my feelings with others
I care about others and help them where possible
Sometimes I put other’s needs before my own
Even though I see recent steps backwards, overall I have come a long way
I am bold enough to think differently to others
I am improving my health
I stand up for what I believe
I am more than the pain,
I am living and thriving
I am experiencing and enjoying life
And despite everything,
because of everything,
I am alive.


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 48 – The Wrong Response, with inspiration originally sparked by this blog post ]
[ image source google ]