Shining a Light for Myself.

Get this out. Exorcise the negativity. Writing is therapy for you.

Feeling tired is understandable after a string of late nights (early mornings). You will refresh with time outside and in touch with nature, fresh air and sunshine.

Your energy has been considerably focussed outwards, engaging with others. You also benefit from quiet self time to recharge.

Already, within minutes, this very process has shifted your focus. The positive reaffirming responses are exactly the inputs you needed.

I feel so tired, I could just sleep the rest of the day through. Yes, you would also benefit from additional motivation right now. Getting to work and being productive, moving projects forwards, that energises you. There is also bookwork to complete, to make life easier for the future. 

*Focus now on doing what will benefit you the most tomorrow.*

It’s okay to take time out for yourself. Yet remember that working also brings in the money to enjoy life, to do more that engages with others, to experience new joys and discoveries. Life is what matters the most, and that can truly only happen the most when you get up, go out, and interact with the world you have around you.

I will move forwards now, focussing on one step at a time. A single step forwards, then another, in the direction of my goals. Because I am responsible for my happiness, I am the source of my power and energy. Because I love people, I cherish connection and interaction – and the path to those times also goes through personal effort, work, focussing on more mundane tasks. I will push forwards today, one step at a time, each moment another positive move no matter how small or large.


Positive Progress. 

I know that I seek perfection in life. I understand that is unrealistic, and sometimes I feel scared that I am destined to forever seek the unattainable.

But I know that as I remain grounded, my vision is clear, and I see the truth in life that is more important than a facade of perfection. I know that I seek the truth in people I become close to. I know that I seek truth within myself and that will always guide me to the important and realness that is life.

In this way I can trust myself. I feel brave and know that I will find, in each day, that which I need to enjoy life. Thus I remind myself, that I am enough, that I am all I need, that I am loved – within and without. My life is certainty and solidity because that is what I desire. My life is also adventure and unexpected because that is what I desire.

This feeds me strength and positivity, because this path forwards is already beneath my feet.

Until Now; Forever More.

I was looking for words, to expunge the feelings and bring normality to my life.

In desperation I brought intention to my soul for self care. Falling asleep before I could comfort myself with inner words of support.

Yet intention was enough. Today was bereft of the previous days’ occaisonal negativity. Today was completely about being in my energy, and sharing it with people I came across. 

And tonight, the words come seemingly fleetingly. But a quick consideration proved the positivity of my limited expression. 

Recalling the lessons of this year, from the very start right through to today, reveals the value of focus, of maintaining a positive feedback loop with my brain. Of letting go that which no longer serves me. Of filling my mind’s eye with what I want to see, feel and be.

This invaluable reminder, demonstration, and confirmation all rolls into one solid point of existence. My existence, my life. This it must be. 

I am blessed with observation, identification and perseverance. Blessed with supportive energies around me.

I am the author of my own destiny. Today I choose to start writing a new chapter. The power in the words may come from many sources, yet the strongest power is in the wielder of the pen.

Silver Linings – Day 31.

“Riding free”

Just one more post before I consider where next to take this journal blogging – suggestions gratefully accepted.

Because today was a special day for me. I got out on my bike and rode about 26km. With some breaks, but mostly with a group of over 60 other cyclists. And we were helmet-less!

You see Australia has some terribly discouraging mandatory helmet laws for cyclists. It has reduced cycling participation significantly in the 30 or so years since they were introduced.

And the worst part of it is that in some cities here, the police are too busy dealing with real crime to bother about whether or not a cyclist has their mandatory helmet on or not. But in my home city, you will most likely get stopped and fined if you ride without. Up north they have had the sense to relax the laws so that people riding on shared paths and other non-traffic areas may choose to ride without a helmet. It works and there has been no increase in cycling injuries as a result. While getting the laws fully repealed would be nice, that seems unlikely to happen. We should at least be given the choice, as responsible adults, when riding in low speed areas or away from traffic, to make up our own minds about head coverings. All the scientific data is there to show that it will not increase the risk of injury. And the scientific data that the original decision was based upon has been showed to be severely flawed. In other words, the researchers made a mistake, made bad conclusions, and now we are still living with the result of that even though science says otherwise now. It’s a complicated topic, but it can be simplified by letting responsible adults make responsible choices.

Back to the positives of today. As it was an organised protest ride, we had bicycle police escorts front and rear, which meant (by some technicality) that we were not breaking the law by choosing to ride without helmets. I think that having most of the ride along shared pathways helped with this.

So I could finally feel the wind in my hair without any guilt or fear, as I rode this lovely sunny winters day. In normal clothes. On my own bike. I’ve ridden hire bikes in Europe and enjoyed the freedom, but it’s a little different being able to do so in your home town along paths you know well.

I just felt sorry for all the tourists we passed as they had their helmets on with their public hire bikes, they must have been terribly confused to see us ride past, especially if they have come from one of the majority countries where cycling is encouraged and not restricted.

Today I am grateful for winter sunshine, enthusiastic bicycle advocates, and opportunities to ride sans helmet – the way I grew up riding bikes.


I want to maintain this positive focus for my blog. It is an action that really helps me personally. I’m just unsure how to proceed. I want to do something a little different in the way I approach this positivity.

I may need a little time to sort out my thoughts. So feel free to share your own thoughts with me, any and all suggestions appreciated.

Finding Your way.

Don’t look back
Lest you trip and fall
On the tangles of negativity
Grabbing at your feet

Step forward
Purposefully, steadily
Slowly if needed, but
Keep momentum positive

Let thoughts backward
Be of today’s joys
Or yesterday’s positives
For energy to propel you onwards

The pain and exhaustion
Is fleeting, don’t dwell there
Move onwards, each moment
Find your better times

Parallel Life.

(no fear, of self, of life)
Choosing what I want to do and making it happen. Knowing clearly what I desire, if not then…
Keep trying, same things, new things, until I find the connection I seek. In hobbies, in relationships, in work, in intimacy. Failure is an acceptable outcome, failure is part of the growing and learning process.

(not hating myself, my life)
Feeling loved. Loving myself is enough. Love from others is even nicer and received with grace and thanks.
Easy to share love with those around me. Friends and family know they are loved as well. Confident to discuss how I feel with close friends. Confident to talk with family about how they feel, about how I feel.

(not losing time through illness and depression)
Life moves on, as do I. Health issues are easily resolved through listening to my own body talk. Time is taken for recovery when needed, then I bounce back and focus on the everyday without distraction. Focus. I respond to negative moods and feelings by loving myself, observing the feelings and acknowledging them. I am aware of these feelings but do not let them influence how I choose to feel.

I love myself. I love life. I love the people around me fully and wholeheartedly. I do the activities that I love, and I love the activities that I do. I make time for myself. I make time for others. I organise my time efficiently to allow me space to do all this.


[These are just words, thoughts, responses to Pooky’s suggestion to envisage what the parallel life alluded to in my last post, would be like. It was a good exercise in positivity. And, in time, I will make further analysis of what I actually have already achieved and what I may yet wish to work towards.]