Empty Void.

The peace is misplaced
While you exist in this space
Waiting for real connection
To guide life direction
All around chaos reigns
People rush, scattered brains
Wish for pause, moment calm
Someone to hold you in their arms


my response to (inspired by)  A Void…..


You collapsed on the bed

A phone call
in the middle of the night
A sleepy blur
A dash

Letting myself in
I saw, you on the floor
Surrounded by ambulance officers
and medical equipment

Nothing to do
But wait

I’m sorry, she said
There’s been no response
after forty minutes
He’s gone

Lying there so still
No movement
Not even a heartbeat
Yet calm and Peaceful

You said you were ready
No fear
Just acceptance
Your faith was strong

I held your hand
Just like in the hospital
Beneath a white sheet
Touch to remember

We selected pyjamas
And dressed you then
Talked to you
Closed your eyes

Then they came
And took you away
With care and respect
Goodbye, for now