Restrained Teardrops.

Tears of sadness and joy

For the loss of a part of me that I held close for so long

That was integral to my being and yet never served me well

Since some long ago defence response initiated its activity

And now I let it go, simply no longer needed, simply

Never to be a part of my life again

Loss and Joy combined

Bittersweet tears sat behind my eyes, until

Your words brought clarity to my attention

I sit now, within the truth, feeling

Tears of sadness and joy



Tell me: What have you given up, that hurt?

Right in The Moment.

Of Love and Loss

And suddenly the world shifted
Not in any way catastrophic
Rather, I was here – and –
suddenly I was on the other side.

Different view, different environment
Seeing a completely different picture
But complementary and linked.

And the choice was in that moment
Walk this way in this new place
Leave everything else behind
But fear and hesitation pulled at me
And I found myself back
Where I knew the lay of the land
Where all the uncomfortableness
Felt safe.

Secure feelings within my own prison.

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Always Ever Again.

The mind twists and turns
Time becomes irrelevant
As past and present are wrapped around each other
Likenesses attract and similarities stick
Now is then and what was, is
How old am I in this moment ?
Determined by the wavelength of an emotional echo
Did I recreate this reality ?
Unalterable universal forces pull together quantum moments

(15 January 2015)

A Child Of Yesterday.

There was a place
Where it all began
But that was so long ago
That now could be forever away
from the start –
Another lifetime altogether

Memories of the past
As if just yesterday
Indelible influence

Present presence
Straining against time
Running out of the now

There was
There is
What will there be?

I can imagine
Through these chains
As meaningless possibilities
Futility calls me out
And I die
just a little more



[ This is me getting deeper into my head, than perhaps I ever have before. I am still grasping for answers. So if the words mean something to you, please share with a comment below ]

Missing Punctuation ( )

I read your words
they propelled me along
there is no full stop
I don’t want this to stop
there is no resolution
no finality
it will just keep going on
always moving along
away from behind me
scared of what was there at the start
how can I catch my breath when I’m always running
running away with you


[Oh Natalie, you have shone light on that which was hidden and once again sparked my inspiration]