Ghostly Relationship.

You hold me, with absent arms
You touch me, with infrequent fingers
You kiss me, with lips afar
You miss me, as I fall through you


(17 March 2015)


Missing Feelings.

It’s hitting me now, I miss my Dad
Scared to let go of anything
Associated with memories of him
Susceptible to regret, loss, fear
Low health heightens sad feelings


[ It’s been six months since he passed away. And now 29 years after we moved into Mum’s house, she is downsizing and my second home will be demolished. Helping Mum sort and pack for the move into a smaller house, coming across old memories, having to let go, is reminding me of what has been and what is yet to come dealing with Dad’s life and death. ]

Missing Pieces.

I miss you
Words that seem
so little to mean
Hollow response
all I feel from you

I miss
Feeling the love
reflected back
many times a day
where has that gone?

I miss
The energy
bouncing back and forth
enlivening encouraging
connection is gone

Missing pieces
Weakening the whole
Lurching brokenness
Failing emotions
Crumbling apart

Friendship Questioning.

What is it
about you
that I don’t deserve?
Or what is it
about me
that feels undeserving
of you?
There is
something dividing us
the sense of
a missing connection.
I have always
wanted this friendship
and never fully understood
what you wanted
from this us.
Unmatched expectations
Unbalanced desires
Uneven communication,
These create fragility
leading to breakdown
and hurt
But how do you mourn
the loss
of an ethereal relationship?


[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 24 – Fragile Friendships ]

Sometime. (reblog)

I know you haven’t spoken to me in a while
and that’s because you’ve got things happening
and you just don’t feel that great sometimes
and when you remember me it’s not a good time to talk
I don’t mind.
I remember you
And if we could catch up I would drop everything
just to spend a little time with you
a reminder –
that even for the briefest of moments
life is bearable
And I would pray
that is enough for now

This is the second of three poems written on Sunday morning during a burst of inspiration. First published by me at:

The Date is Set.

Next Tuesday
New Year’s Eve
His Birthday
Final goodbyes.

Family rung
Friends contacted
Notice in the paper
Interstate arrivals.

Final resting place
With his parents
In the country
Near his hometown.

Weather forecast
Hot and dry
As he always preferred
Shade will be required.

Seeing him go
Is not painful
I dressed his body
For this rest.

He’s not here anymore
The little changes,
missing him,
are what hurt the most.