Feeling the growing strain
Oh no, not again
Attempting to function is all in vain
Monoliths of stone relentlessly squeeze my brain
Curling up in misery from the pain
I feel no more than a stain
No use to complain
It’s all I can do to contain my disdain for this insane, inhumane domain

[ it’s been a long time for me, but Victoria had to leave the theatre at interval time on Thursday to go find a dark room to sleep one off ]


The Here and Now Struggle.

When your concentration scatters
you can’t focus on what matters
a ring of pressure surrounds your head
throat is sore and dry and red
sense familiar dread proclivity
of all thoughts to negativity
pack it in and head to home
where you’ll dread being alone
want to scream and thrash about
your whole existence is in doubt

Now can’t bear to face tomorrow
fear continuation of sorrow
even put off going to bed
strong painkillers want for head
close my eyes and focus here
on this moment right now clear
put aside all future worry
for a precious minute clarity
could you feel that way more often
then the painful days would soften


[not letting a mild migraine and spaced out day stop me from NaPoWriMo participation, used it as my inspiration instead.]