Kiss Me First, Kiss Me Last. 

Of Love and Loss

Kiss me.

Kiss me like your life will end if you don’t
as though all your passion will ebb away without this kiss.

Kiss me as though my lips can take your pain.

Kiss my neck
my throat
where my life pulses
let it pass my energy to you.

Kiss me softly,
as if I might break.

Our lips barely touching
like morning dew falling from a blade of grass.

Kiss my finger tips
your lips gentle embrace.

Enflame me and quench me.

The [straightforwardness] of a kiss is never simple.

And it is never over.

It lingers on your soul.

Stained with promise and heart break.

Bringing two together in pleasure
joined in memory for all time.

A kiss gives so much more than it takes.

It is all that it is in that fleeting moment
and nothing of the chaos before or after.

So kiss me, give me…

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