(W)here there is Greatness.

The message sent to me

“You already possess
everything necessary
to become great.”

Yes indeed. Right now, right here, just as I am.

Then followed the thoughts of darkness.
And I saw that all is in balance. It needs to be.

The darkness is simply another energy that contrasts the light. It can be used in different ways. It must be understood differently.

And I see that harnessing and managing the darkness has been difficult for me in the past because I didn’t have the skill-set or the understanding.

These are tools and techniques that can be learnt – if we are brave enough to discuss them openly.

Difficulties arise within the pain that typically accompanies the darkness. The pain of unmet life expectations, or the pain of confusion and perceived loneliness. These brief memories spring forth for me right now. And there is no pain within these memories, within this moment. For my understanding of life, and of myself, lets gentle awareness be in charge.

This entire reveal comes with a quiet calm, of knowing that the choice is mine every step of the way. That every thought, action, every motivation and decision, can propel me forwards – into the light, and greatness.


Advice You Never Asked For.

I admit I don’t know your full story. 

But I encourage you to write because of my own experiences of that being a hugely beneficial path to take. 

When I was depressed for years, 

frequently suicidal, for years

when writing was my only emotional outlet, I pushed through it all and eventually pushed out through all the hurt into something that was truly a little bit beautiful amidst the terrible darkness. 

It was on the advice of a dear friend I started blogging. Fear made me keep it anonymous. But what I met was a writing community that embraced me and encouraged me in every way. I found friends who taught me about understanding and grief, about strength and persistence, about discovery and perseverance.

And I am forever grateful for that experience. 

I see now how I pushed myself through the fear. Partly out of fear of the darkness, but mostly because ALWAYS inside me, no matter what other shit was going on, there was the tiniest spark of light that guided me onwards. Perhaps it was a genetic gift from my mother, of hope or optimism. Perhaps it was the repeated words of a few close friends who reminded me during those darkest times that it wouldn’t last, that life will get better, that I deserved better, that just hanging on for another minute is all I needed to do in the moment. 

How can I not be grateful for experiencing that genuine expression of love from people I’ve only known for a few years?!

And now it’s my time to shine for myself, and for others. It’s my time to pass on the love. To “pay it forward” to someone else. Not out of any duty, or karma, just because its who I am. Simple, honest, caring for other humans. (And because, well, in that place, there are new lessons for me too.)

So I don’t know what you want in your life, what your personal goals are. But I see you already caring for and discovering yourself in many ways. We all want to “be better” or perhaps just “feel better”. While that path is a very personal choice, I see you finding your way forwards already.

And I just want to encourage you to do, and to keep doing, whatever it takes to maintain forward momentum in your life.

I encourage you past the fears in whatever way it takes, because that is just the way forwards. 

Don’t be afraid. Just be who you need to be.


[ feature/title image aerial photography of Mona Vale Beach, Australia, by Bo Le @safromabove ]

Silver Linings – Day 1.

“Cabaret Night in the city.”

Great soul music with just a few musos and lots of energy from two local talents. Diana and Teresa carried us through the intimate performance of a soul music journey through time.

Love live music. Love variety. Love local talent.

I know Diana from when she was my personal trainer some years ago. Even then her energy, focus, dancing and singing was apparent. I still remember everything she taught me while we were training, such was her impact.
Now she is focussing on her love of music and performing. She is giving her dreams a go! Something to encourage me to do likewise.


[ Thanks to Contortum Designs for the inspiration to focus on the positives. ]

Why I Do.

I write for myself
to exorcise the demons
to pry open the feelings that eat away at me

I write for myself
to express my emotions
to find clarity in the confusion of my thoughts

I write for myself
to hear a sane voice
for analysis of all that isn’t truly me

I write for myself
to feel free and
to voice the words that really are of me

I write for myself
for the joy of it
to create something new and unique

I write for myself
inspiration breeds inspiration
and my future relies on this source of growth


[ last line edited, three words added ]

My Only Inspiration.

beautiful music
powerful heavenly angelic sounds
pierce my hard shell
trigger emotional reactions
set loose feelings held in tight
opening up to the music, means
feeling the pain as well
opening up to any beauty
brings forth the pain as well
don’t lock this in
let it out
let freedom take the pain
take the pain

if only it could

(7 Sept 2014)

Heads or Tails.

There are two sides to a coin
Flip it and see what face lands up
Joy or sorrow
Pain or pleasure
Help or hindrance.
And yet there is also the edge
A balancing point between them both.
It is a rare find,
yet can be experienced
along the path of mindfulness
and offers a serenity and comfort
that is both fulfilling and nourishing.
Seize that moment
Experience and exist in that moment
It can last forever
bound in your memory
or held in your hand.


[ inspiration sparked by Natalie at mywordpool. image source google ]

Give Them Away.

It took just one thought
To unblock the creativity
And open up to possibility
“Stop hoarding all those words”
_let them be free
_give them away
_they were never yours to restrain
__only passing by
___saying Hi,
_you’ll see them again
_with friends in tow
_bringing more inspiration
_they will sweep you up
_in their writing motivation

A blank mind (Response)

Without a measure of focus
Time passing
seems wasted
is the cure


[My response to Chantelle’s poem 30 Days of Poetry – Day 8 ( Personal Challenge ).]

Mind is blank
To match the expression on my face
writing, it used to come so easy
now I stare at empty space
you’d think that if you stared long enough
something would come to mind
but all that seems to be happening
is my awareness of the time
seconds, minutes, hours, days
everything just fades away
and all I can seem to think about is life
and how much of it I’ve wasted