At The End of The Day. 


Sometimes simply surviving
just being alive
and still breathing
at the end of the day
is an accomplishment
to be cherished.


To Dream.



Come and dream
Dream of sleep
Dream of me walking alongside you, my hand gently holding yours
Dream of breathing as we walk towards the freshest air you have ever smelled
Moving air that will wash over and renew you –
Lift you up and carry you on.
Listen to my dream words
Believe this voice that says
You’ll be okay. Come on, let’s go.

Revealing Feelings.


[ poetry inspired by this photo from Kylie Parks ]


Be sad
Be happy
Be however you feel
Forget the masks that you are compelled to wear
Be who you are at the moment
Honest and open
Let others ask
Let them know and really respond
Let us all be a little more honest
With ourselves
and each other