Gaps in my Heart.

The gaps in my heart
That cry out to be filled
That I jam up with searching
And questioning myself
For criticism silences the inner voice

I fear stopping and listening
I fear the tears that may flow
And then never stop
Mostly I fear being unable to help
Feeling paralysed by pain

[ these words flowed after reading this post by Vonita. ]

Eclipsing the Sun. (5,6,4)

Searching for a way
To describe how I feel
Words lose their place

Falling through the cracks
He couldn’t work out how
Words lose their place

There was a meaning
Love existed until
Words lose their place

Free to roam, they lived
While eclipsing the sun
Words lose their place

Now in the darkness
Words lost forever more
We lose our place


[a partial solar eclipse this afternoon upon the setting Autumn sun]

Of Love and Loss

I loved you
for so long
through it all

And I thought
that I turned my life
for your benefit
But felt no change
Saw no change

Now love is broken
The weight
of the pain
pushing down
that precious connection

I don’t see you
Don’t feel you
even though
you’re in front of me
All that was, has
become a ghost

I remember
electrifying thoughts
tingling touch
Now gone dry


Reblog from original location at Of Love and Loss.

Powerful Friends.

Your smile
Those eyes
Your warmth
They care
I see
and feel
the truth

My fear
The heartache
I am
not who
I was

Where are
you friend?
Give me
from pain
Take me
Relief is
palpable bliss