Marks. (Duet)

It’s not that I didn’t try
It’s just
That there’s nothing in my house
Sharp enough to leave
A mark

Leave a mark somewhere else
then, leave a mark
on my heart, as
a reminder
that we are both real

But the hurt isn’t the same
and I can’t control
the pounding in my head
silencing your voice
your rationality

My heart bleeds
already, marked by your pain
listen to my screams
inject them into your veins
antidote to your poison

You’re holding my head
above the rising water
and I’m clinging to you
in wild desperation
sending my thanks
with each struggling breath

Don’t struggle
I will take the heat, the hurt,
the pressure, the weight
let it all go
so you will float to safety
I can breathe underwater


[ This duet started as my response to “Mark” by the very talented groundlingsup and grew from there. Please check out her amazing poetry as well. ]


establish touch (Reblog)

Beautiful. A perfect description of slowing down, with the perfect reasons to.

My Ink-Stained Heart

Stop moving.

Sit still.

Let me touch your hair.

Let me hold your hand.

Don’t rush.

Hold on.

Run your hand down my side.

Run your eyes down my face.

Keep calm.

Stay here.

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