Silver Linings – Day 19.

“I heart Tea”

Today I am thankful for the lovely fresh and delicious tea I have to drink, that keeps me warm on these cold Wintery days.

The image above is manipulated from a photo of took of the old-fashioned (my grandmothers used them) style tea strainers that I use at work and home.

Currently drinking Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves, Osmanthus Oolong (fermented) green tea balls, and an Immunity blend of Turmeric Orange Lemon and Ginger.

20150622-234030.jpg“Snoozy relaxed rabbit”

And there’s this guy. on the floor next to my chair, so I can reach down and give him attention while he keeps me company.

Then when I went over to the pantry cupboard, he was jumping around my feet looking for a treat. So I lay down on the floor and let him hop up onto my chest, to feed him an almond or two. Get a great view of his fluffy cheeks and chin from down there! So thankful for pets tonight.

What are you currently enjoying drinking?


Day At Home.

No work
Exhausted day
Mini migraine yesterday
Now head and pillow
Are close companions
Sleeping through the day

Light headed
Foggy headed
Body made of lead
Music, rabbits and dragon
Are my companion
Cocooned upon the bed