Beach Summer Night.


Touches of wetness
Light as a feather
Nose, leg, wrist
Cooling, surprising
Nighttime clouds
Laugh silently
While drifting away


Isle of Skye.

Shabby sheep trim the grass-lands
And soaring sea-birds float
Below the misty mountain-tops
looming over green tussocked valleys
bisected by icy white streams
scattered trickling waterfalls
and rolling roads.
Pass with care
Stop and listen for the cuckoos
And mind that chill wind on the ears

[ one of today’s many picturesque moments, although the knuckles and ears tingle and ache from the chill wind while photographing ]

Vertigo Questions.

When there are clouds all around you,
above and below you,
which way is up?
When the sea is as blue as the sky,
and there is no horizon to eye,
which way is up?
When all you can touch and see is stationary,
but you feel the falling and turning,
which way is up?
When you are floating, floating,
lost in the white,
When you are falling, falling,
only grey with no light,
When you close your eyes,
gripping the seat tight,
which way is up?