Seeing With Blindness.

Sometimes I wish that I was blind
To prevent the diversions that effect my mind
My eyes pick difference in all that I see
Sprouting preconceived judgement and criticism for me
While my heart and mind are totally caring
No prejudice, all inclusive and loving
You see, the visual process dominates
Inner feelings struggle to communicate
I know from inside we are all the same
Our atoms and sharing the air we breath each day
I wish for many things to change about me
But if they came true just who would I be?


How it was

Those Saturday nights where the whole world is up or out doing something and it’s all you can do to not completely lose it, when you’d cry yourself to sleep except that it feels like the tears have also left you alone.

The darkness that threatens to take over, a certain craziness that seems perfectly normal at the time.

Every day you are changing, in such small ways that you won’t notice it now.  But it all adds up over time.  The smallest realisation or thought today, will mean something more to you, one day.

The ups and the downs are all the journey you are on.  Even though you wouldn’t choose this for yourself, you are moving somewhere better, one thought at a time.

My response to the post Textbook Living. by APARKS330


This headphone’s cable
gets so tangled
and messed up
I don’t know if I like it anymore
It functions, just
but the delight is gone
it’s so difficult to work with
every time I think a knot is undone
there’s another one pulling it back into a tangle again
I think of just throwing it away
starting afresh with a new one
Life would be so much easier then, wouldn’t it?
Yet I’m quite attached to this old one
We’ve spent so much time together
You are so comfortable to have around
So familiar
moulded to me.
But this cable
is a real problem
even if we could untangle it
Would the kinks all be gone
Would you be as comfortable?
And a new one
Will sound different
will feel different
will get caught up around me differently
maybe I won’t like that
Tangled up
by my own thoughts