Now What?

What do I see?
What do I hear?
Around myself
About myself
Days ago,
I was yelling abuse
Now the quietness,
Leaves an openness
Space to listen
Space to question,
And await answers


Silver Linings – Day 19.

“I heart Tea”

Today I am thankful for the lovely fresh and delicious tea I have to drink, that keeps me warm on these cold Wintery days.

The image above is manipulated from a photo of took of the old-fashioned (my grandmothers used them) style tea strainers that I use at work and home.

Currently drinking Pai Mu Tan white tea leaves, Osmanthus Oolong (fermented) green tea balls, and an Immunity blend of Turmeric Orange Lemon and Ginger.

20150622-234030.jpg“Snoozy relaxed rabbit”

And there’s this guy. on the floor next to my chair, so I can reach down and give him attention while he keeps me company.

Then when I went over to the pantry cupboard, he was jumping around my feet looking for a treat. So I lay down on the floor and let him hop up onto my chest, to feed him an almond or two. Get a great view of his fluffy cheeks and chin from down there! So thankful for pets tonight.

What are you currently enjoying drinking?

Natural Music.

( 28 April 2014 )

The wind
rustles the trees
I hear
rolling leaves
rattling along
the gravel drive
staccato punctuations
to the soothing
and birdsong

Afternoon delight
shines bright
between cloud breaks
passing by
Autumn skies
sleepy calm
head lays down
close eyes


You collapsed on the bed

A phone call
in the middle of the night
A sleepy blur
A dash

Letting myself in
I saw, you on the floor
Surrounded by ambulance officers
and medical equipment

Nothing to do
But wait

I’m sorry, she said
There’s been no response
after forty minutes
He’s gone

Lying there so still
No movement
Not even a heartbeat
Yet calm and Peaceful

You said you were ready
No fear
Just acceptance
Your faith was strong

I held your hand
Just like in the hospital
Beneath a white sheet
Touch to remember

We selected pyjamas
And dressed you then
Talked to you
Closed your eyes

Then they came
And took you away
With care and respect
Goodbye, for now

When the world seemed against me

I moved through the pain.
When I thought the world
would collapse all about me,
It didn’t.
And all that came of it
Was my experience
And what I chose to feel
And remember.

I kept reminding myself
be present
Forget the past
Ignore an unknown future
This shall pass
This has no control over me

Now something’s happening
subtly and significantly
My reactions are dropping
replaced by understanding
Calmer feelings
Considered responses

The verbal anger
Presents itself to me
as I stand amidst
the buffeting winds of emotion
Swaying but calm inside.
Whispering the storm
Calming and soothing
Steering it to a quiet rest
A change of tone
A smile