Silver Linings – Day 27.

“Miss Nigella”

A simple silver lining today. Picking up this girl and giving her a cuddle before I left for work.

She is a rather cheeky bunny and loves attention but loves to run away from you too. I think with the house getting colder, she is warming to the idea of closer time together. So for the first time in years I just picked her up and gave her a cuddle for a few minutes, before putting her down again. Just so she knows it doesn’t have to be too long.

The photo is from picking her up again tonight. But the disapproving bunny look is because I was fiddling around with my phone trying to take the photo, rather than dedicate my attention to her.

A second silver lining was received a package in the post today. Alright it was only replacement shaver heads that I ordered last week, but a bright-coloured package is always exciting.

Another exhausted day and evening. I want to get through this week though. Thinking today that in the past I have let this level of tiredness knock me down. Maybe its the office work that has fallen behind or maybe I am just pushing myself more.

Grateful for getting through the day, for getting a good night’s sleep, and for persistence with the early to beds (9pm).

What was in the last package you received?


Silver Linings – Day 2.

“Relaxed Rabbit”

After a tiring day with unexpected sadness, it’s nice to be able to spend time with pets that love you unconditionally.

This is Mr.Poppy. He is in his 70s (human equivalent). Has arthritis in his back legs and other signs of ageing. And probably had a small stroke 2 years ago that scrambled his personality a little. But he has always loved stretching out on the floor, especially when the heater is on, and is rather partial to some company, especially if it involves him receiving attention in the form of rubs. We know he is enjoying the attention when he clicks his back teeth (the rabbit equivalent of a purr).

I was trying to get some photos with him earlier near his food area, but they weren’t turning out very well. Then I lay on my back and let him hop up on my chest to give me bunny kisses. This involves me holding a sultana between my lips and letting him take it from me. Bunny kisses!

The other action of mine when giving him rubs on the floor, is to bring my head down and rub my forehead to his. Such soft fur! Another rabbit sign of affection.

There’s no picking up this rabbit for a cuddle. Attention must be on his terms and at his level. We’ve had 5 different rabbits in this house and each one has been a completely individual personality. I think all pets are like that aren’t they?

Mr.Poppy – Senior Bunny.

Sooty fawn lop eared bunny
On the carpet at my feet
One hand stroking along your back
With forefinger and thumb brushing your sides
From the back of your head
Slowly down to your tail
Head to tail

Teeth clicking in continual happiness

I want to brush away all your worries
Brush away the arthritis in your back legs
Soothe away your addled-ness
Stroke away your old-age complications
Reinforcing your family membership
For right now is companionship and love

Your love is not overshadowed by your moods
You are therapy for me