Where it Stems From.

Am I blaming her for all this?
Maybe, but only a little more than I blame myself
and this is wholly about the two of us
Mostly I am just reacting to how I am treated
How she doesn’t take ownership
And deflects back my critical comments
How she undermines me with her words and actions
And doesn’t show attempts to understand me
Only reacts to me
Withdraws behind her fear from my suggestions
Prioritizes from her fears over me/us
Unaware of the negative fa├žade she presents to me.
From 21 years of observation
I have an inkling of what’s going on
Underneath it all
But she won’t acknowledge it’s impact on me/us
Its too much negativity from her, with me/us
For me to manage,
without mutual effort
For me to handle
on my own.
And if I’m wrong about all this
The alternatives are uncaring,
inconsiderate, deceptive, selfish
And I choose not to believe that.