(W)here there is Greatness.

The message sent to me

“You already possess
everything necessary
to become great.”

Yes indeed. Right now, right here, just as I am.

Then followed the thoughts of darkness.
And I saw that all is in balance. It needs to be.

The darkness is simply another energy that contrasts the light. It can be used in different ways. It must be understood differently.

And I see that harnessing and managing the darkness has been difficult for me in the past because I didn’t have the skill-set or the understanding.

These are tools and techniques that can be learnt – if we are brave enough to discuss them openly.

Difficulties arise within the pain that typically accompanies the darkness. The pain of unmet life expectations, or the pain of confusion and perceived loneliness. These brief memories spring forth for me right now. And there is no pain within these memories, within this moment. For my understanding of life, and of myself, lets gentle awareness be in charge.

This entire reveal comes with a quiet calm, of knowing that the choice is mine every step of the way. That every thought, action, every motivation and decision, can propel me forwards – into the light, and greatness.



As the tug-of-war flares up inside me
I feel both, the forwards momentum, and
The screaming fear pulling me back
“That way hurts”; “That way is unknown, scary”
And many other words, whispered so secretly I can’t quite make them out
Being so exhausted, it’s too easy to let go and be pulled back
When did I last win this game anyway?
The joy and energy of victory are long forgotten.
Yet others join in on my side, grab the rope and pull for a while
Close friends, online friends, strangers,
Who all have my best interests at heart
Others who believe in me
While I try so hard to feel their faith,
To feed off the encouragement they give
And for the strangest time, I feel so little.


Thankyou for pointing out
what I fail to see
So often I am blinded
by innate negativity
Looking at myself
and what I manage to do
My brain chooses the missing
and the unsuccessful view
Though with your input
and the kindness of friends
I catch glimpses of achievement
through the positive lens
So while my words have reached you
with a quiet message to remind
This sharing is most important
to maintain my balanced mind


[ written after receiving encouraging words from imperfectionperfectionist ]

Heads or Tails.

There are two sides to a coin
Flip it and see what face lands up
Joy or sorrow
Pain or pleasure
Help or hindrance.
And yet there is also the edge
A balancing point between them both.
It is a rare find,
yet can be experienced
along the path of mindfulness
and offers a serenity and comfort
that is both fulfilling and nourishing.
Seize that moment
Experience and exist in that moment
It can last forever
bound in your memory
or held in your hand.


[ inspiration sparked by Natalie at mywordpool. image source google ]

A Life in Rhyme.

I wanted to die
but wasn’t sure why
All that I knew
my patience was through
Run down by the pain
running away again
No energy left
Feeling bereft
No support or love
just push and shove
Thought about how
later or now
So many ways
to end your days

Some hope, a spark
always in the dark
From deep inside
I could not hide
Enough to lift
myself and shift
I choose this way
to another day
A struggle still
battling your will
A balance of force
helps sometimes of course


[ this is my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 19 – Rhyme and Reason ]

At the moment

.               Every day is a

.              Every night is a

.              It takes all of my

.              to drag one foot

.              to make some move

.              from where I’m

.              I can’t see any

.              to even begin to

.              all I see is

.              whenever we try to

.              And you think it’s all

.              because you don’t

.              the importance of

.              and demonstrating

.              in our