Positive Progress. 

I know that I seek perfection in life. I understand that is unrealistic, and sometimes I feel scared that I am destined to forever seek the unattainable.

But I know that as I remain grounded, my vision is clear, and I see the truth in life that is more important than a facade of perfection. I know that I seek the truth in people I become close to. I know that I seek truth within myself and that will always guide me to the important and realness that is life.

In this way I can trust myself. I feel brave and know that I will find, in each day, that which I need to enjoy life. Thus I remind myself, that I am enough, that I am all I need, that I am loved – within and without. My life is certainty and solidity because that is what I desire. My life is also adventure and unexpected because that is what I desire.

This feeds me strength and positivity, because this path forwards is already beneath my feet.


The Wrong Response Rejected.

I am not a failure
I am a success at staying alive
I am aware of problems and take steps to remedy them
I am doing the best I can each day
I am brave enough to share my feelings with others
I care about others and help them where possible
Sometimes I put other’s needs before my own
Even though I see recent steps backwards, overall I have come a long way
I am bold enough to think differently to others
I am improving my health
I stand up for what I believe
I am more than the pain,
I am living and thriving
I am experiencing and enjoying life
And despite everything,
because of everything,
I am alive.


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 48 – The Wrong Response, with inspiration originally sparked by this blog post ]
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