Shining a Light for Myself.

Get this out. Exorcise the negativity. Writing is therapy for you.

Feeling tired is understandable after a string of late nights (early mornings). You will refresh with time outside and in touch with nature, fresh air and sunshine.

Your energy has been considerably focussed outwards, engaging with others. You also benefit from quiet self time to recharge.

Already, within minutes, this very process has shifted your focus. The positive reaffirming responses are exactly the inputs you needed.

I feel so tired, I could just sleep the rest of the day through. Yes, you would also benefit from additional motivation right now. Getting to work and being productive, moving projects forwards, that energises you. There is also bookwork to complete, to make life easier for the future. 

*Focus now on doing what will benefit you the most tomorrow.*

It’s okay to take time out for yourself. Yet remember that working also brings in the money to enjoy life, to do more that engages with others, to experience new joys and discoveries. Life is what matters the most, and that can truly only happen the most when you get up, go out, and interact with the world you have around you.

I will move forwards now, focussing on one step at a time. A single step forwards, then another, in the direction of my goals. Because I am responsible for my happiness, I am the source of my power and energy. Because I love people, I cherish connection and interaction – and the path to those times also goes through personal effort, work, focussing on more mundane tasks. I will push forwards today, one step at a time, each moment another positive move no matter how small or large.

Creative Advice Tips.

So today I read this amazing inspirational list of advice for artists written by the amazing Allison Marie.

All her words are so timely for me and manage to hit the mark with a current concern in my life.

I was also inspired to have a go at some Hand Lettering by a good friend’s recent post.

So tonight while I was at a meeting, I drew this:

I like that this effort has revived my interest in pen work. Thanks {A}.

What do you think?  

When did you last have a go at hand lettering something?  

Advice to Myself.

There is no need to hurt
Don’t ask why
Don’t deny
 yourself any feeling
Sit with it
Acknowledge it
But do not dwell on it
No judgement for yourself
 or the feelings
Let them be
And let them go
Be at peace with yourself
Within the moment
Let the storms rage around you
You are safe, here
 in the centre of it all
Until the tempest passes

Life Lessons Learned.

I never received sage advice
Growing up
Instead rules and discipline
Ignorance to my feelings

Experience taught me
Relying on anyone else
Led to disappointment
Shameful was my brokenness

40 years has it taken
To unlearn the untruths
My friends are my life(line)
And my creativity has many sources


[ my response to Pooky’s Poetry Prompt 39 – Life Lesson ]


Dear Teenage Me.

Dear teenage me
Take it easy
Life can get heavy
But it’s never as scary
as you think

What others think
Doesn’t matter
Be prepared
For uncertainty
By feeling the fear
and doing it anyway

Time spent with friends
and family
make the best memories
so prioritise your life
around those that matter

You matter
Though you feel small
you will stand tall
with pride one day
for doing it your way

Find your way
find what you want to do
by trying everything
that catches your attention

Your attention focus matters
Keep it on the positive
and strengthen your optimism

Creativity and optimism
are more important than realism
But all three
work together synchronistically
So listen to me
for a quarter century
from now, you will be


[my response to the first daily poetry prompt by Pooky “Dear Me…”. Now that NaPoWriMo is over feel free to follow and join in as often as you like.]

To Hear My Own Advice.

Each day is recovery,
even the ups and downs.
The shitty days and the good days,
they are all little steps to recovery.
I don’t know how exactly,
I just know it is.

Though the black days
feel like you’ve slipped back
somewhere you don’t want to be,
you are still steps closer
towards something better.

I know right now
better is not equal to recovery,
but I know right now
there is something you can do for yourself.
Something good,
something you will one day be glad of.
But right now is all that really matters anyway.

Give yourself space
to breathe in a little more you than there was before,
push yourself that fraction of a millimetre forwards.
And afterwards
allow yourself
to feel some good about what you did.

Forget about the shitty feelings,
life’s full of them.

Do something right for yourself,
do something right now
that I could feel good about too.
Because I care enough
to do something right for you.
And if I was able to do more,
I would do it just for you.


[some advice to a writer friend, which I hope I can follow myself when I need it too]

A Little Advice.

Others can be so cruel in what they do (or don’t) say and do,
But they’ll never know what is going on inside of you.
Just as you’ll never really understand their thinkingness,
Remember that what others think of you is none of your business.
Look inside yourself with kind love and know,
Following your own heart is the only way to grow.