I Saw In Your Eyes.

One glance
sad eyes
I see
and I connect

Assume so much
fear to share
and I connect
even though
you are unaware

Want to acknowledge
the pain in us all
desire to know
you’re not alone at all
and I connect


Acknowledgement is Half the Battle.

Acknowledging a problem
Is difficult when
Your brain chemistry
Is messed up

You know something is wrong
But you don’t want to admit
To what you see
As a health failure

Blaming yourself
Thinking others will
Blame you too
Not good enough

Trying to trick yourself
To bypass stuck thoughts
Getting to – “It’s ok
to feel this way”

When you shout back
“It’s not!
What’s wrong with me
That I can’t get better?”

(Understandable anger
Tired and run down
From all – This
internal fighting)

Be kind to yourself
Do what nobody else can

[…to be continued…]