Always Feelings.

I feel much, and I feel little.

Emotional memories stir of past events, moments that just were; but became significant, painful, and joyful all at once.

They were left behind, thought they were let go; but circumstances brought them back to my conscious consideration.

Where they stir, simmer, and grab my attention for a while. Where they knock me off-balance and pull me apart; such that bringing myself back together, back to the present, is exhausting.

So I took today to rest my body; to rest my spirit and just be in my own space with no responsibilities. Choosing to act when I felt comfortable. Choosing to look after myself without guilt; to remember myself without influence.

There is joy in feeling little; in the quietness; in appreciating the silent mind that chose to be, today.

5 thoughts on “Always Feelings.

  1. Really love this reminder! Nice to see you are able to write about it. I’ve been struggling with some of the same things. Death anniversaries and episodes that have caused me PTSD for years have ben rearing their ugly faces and sometimes those demons are so overwhelming. But. To be still. To find the joy however small, what a blessing it is to feel anything at all. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable and open. I have abandoned my blog for quite some time but today, reading this I’ve been inspired to maybe try again!

    Sincerely a long-time follower,
    Chantelle @SoulRenderings


    • Thanks for sharing your response to my writing. Some powerful words have been coming up along with some powerful emotional experiences. Good to see you here again. I would encourage you to write again, it is truly a balm for my soul.

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