Creative Advice Tips.

So today I read this amazing inspirational list of advice for artists written by the amazing Allison Marie.

All her words are so timely for me and manage to hit the mark with a current concern in my life.

I was also inspired to have a go at some Hand Lettering by a good friend’s recent post.

So tonight while I was at a meeting, I drew this:

I like that this effort has revived my interest in pen work. Thanks {A}.

What do you think?  

When did you last have a go at hand lettering something?  


4 thoughts on “Creative Advice Tips.

  1. Peter (Pete? or Peter? please correct me) – I am so touched and so grateful. Thank you endless for sharing your light and for growing community. I am happily also following the talented “A” 🙂

    Love this so much.


    • Pete will be fine, Allison. And Abs is a very special person too. We have supported each other a lot. Sometimes I think all I ever want to do is support people, lift them up, help them along in life, spread the love. Something which you seem to excel at as well! Stay shining 💫

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