Until Now; Forever More.

I was looking for words, to expunge the feelings and bring normality to my life.

In desperation I brought intention to my soul for self care. Falling asleep before I could comfort myself with inner words of support.

Yet intention was enough. Today was bereft of the previous days’ occaisonal negativity. Today was completely about being in my energy, and sharing it with people I came across. 

And tonight, the words come seemingly fleetingly. But a quick consideration proved the positivity of my limited expression. 

Recalling the lessons of this year, from the very start right through to today, reveals the value of focus, of maintaining a positive feedback loop with my brain. Of letting go that which no longer serves me. Of filling my mind’s eye with what I want to see, feel and be.

This invaluable reminder, demonstration, and confirmation all rolls into one solid point of existence. My existence, my life. This it must be. 

I am blessed with observation, identification and perseverance. Blessed with supportive energies around me.

I am the author of my own destiny. Today I choose to start writing a new chapter. The power in the words may come from many sources, yet the strongest power is in the wielder of the pen.


4 thoughts on “Until Now; Forever More.

  1. Thankyou for sharing your kind thoughts and response, your connection is always welcome.

    Reading my own words again this morning, 8 hours and a lifetime ago from writing this last night, brought tears to my eyes. Hopeful, touched tears.

    I need these moments. I need to come back to these moments, hold them close and pull them in.

    May your own hope stay strong. You have my care and support. And if my words feed you some strength, then everything in my life has been worthwhile. xx


  2. I love the depth from where you found these words, Peter; very well written, and the last two paragraphs were a perfect conclusion. I pray that all your future chapters are penned with positivity, hope, encouragement, and happiness..

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