After Three Years. 

Wow! Yesterday was the third year anniversay of this blog. It was also the day I hit 600 followers. Now I don’t place much emphasis on that number (followers come and go and some aren’t authentic writers). But still, it was a nice little gesture from the universe. What really matters is YOU. The readers. The people who comment, like, and interact with my words. That is all that matters. That is what this writing is all about. 

• Sharing, conversation, connection •

Another positive sign I received was on a friend’s blog, and I appropriated the quote for my cover image today.

• Write hard and clear; about what hurts •

Attributed to Ernest Hemingway, and I don’t know enough of his words to confirm this, but it’s the reinforcement and confirmation I needed, so it is real for me. I’ve been concerned about the tone of my writing for a while. Yes I’ve been hurting a lot more than usual over this time. But I have always wanted this place to be somewhere safe I can express whatever I want, whatever I need to. So I have persisted and comforted myself with staying true to my intentions.

• Just let it out •

I think about the last three years of my life, all that I have been through: family, health, relationships. And despite all the pain, it warms my heart to remember all the people that have been there for me. All my new friends from here. That have supported me and shared their own struggles. That have answered my calls for help. That have just been there.

And the friendships I have made and built up closer to home. The people I consider my personal family. The people that have supported me through the dark days and been there to enjoy the light days. The people who welcome me with open arms no matter how I’ve been feeling on the day. The people who talk me through issues and give me valuable insight.

• The people I love •

So I will round off here with a heartfelt thankyou to the wordpress community, to my friends near and afar. I love you all. And wherever you are in your life journey, may you feel the lightness and love when you need it most. May you survive, grow, and become an even greater version of you. 

• Loneliness is a lie. You are always loved and cared for. Just ask •


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